What Happened

What others are saying

Pure Roger.  Lots of words, gauzy sentiments.
….. Barbara Matusow Nelson

You’re a pompous ass.
….. Mavis Taillieu

I love your pontificating
….. Debbie Douez

What an idiot
….. Kate LeBlond

I think you have a lot of great opinions
….. Maximilian Christopher Chilton

What I am saying

This is the story of what happened. This is my story. this is what I did, how I got here, what I see, think, and feel about my experience of life, and what I think we can do to contribute to creating the story I am imagining we can create. These are my interests, my ideas, and my contributions to the conversations we are having about how we create better possibilities for our future and the future of our world. This is what happened so far. I am interested to see where the story goes and what happens next.

The Story so Far