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We see so much more when it is described. We see so much more when we are conscious and appreciative. We see so much more when we are interested, – when we have an interest.

We learn, we create, and we pursue our enterprise more successfully by creating connections with ideas. Our ideas are how we imagine things are. Our ideas are how we imagine we are. Our ideas are how we imagine things could be.

Organizing and connecting our ideas contributes to our ability to learn how things are and how things could be, learn who we are and how we could be, and learn how to create possibilities.

We create our stories with the stories we are part of. Our stories are what excites our enterprise, – our pursuit of our interests, – and the ideas of what we pursue and how we pursue our interests.

We improve our ability to create our story, – to be more successful in our enterprise, – the pursuit of our interests, – when we know and are able to communicate our interests.

We improve our ability to create connections and create our story when we consciously and appreciatively observe on our experience, explore our experience, and consider our response to our experience.

Improving our ability to explore and see connections, and experience connections, and to create connections which create new insights, new possibilities, and new opportunities and ideas which contribute to the pursuit of our interests and our creative contributions and our appreciation for our experience of life.

We improve our ability to be successful in the pursuit of our interests with ideas rooted in demonstrated evidence, – moving from ideas we believe to ideas that can be demonstrated.

Improving our ability to communicate with one another improves our ability to create possibilities for our selves and our future.

Moving from ideas that contribute to creating us and them to ideas that contribute to creating we improves our ability to communicate with one another, create connections with one another, and create relationships and creative enterprise with one another.

We can all become more intelligent, more creative, and more able to live our lives well.

Quantum behaviour – On quantum theory and human behaviour
On the hierarchy of evolution

The internet connects us to all the information we have in common, gives each of us the ability to contribute, and is our global marketplace to create connections, relationships, and creative enterprise

We have individual, community, and common human interests. Our communities are created by common interests.

The interests of our enterprise are contributing to the interests of other enterprises. Our enterprise creates a community of the people contributing to, benefiting from, and served by our enterprise.

Together we create a larger community of common interest, a larger community for creating connections with other communities of interest, and the possibility of attracting people and enterprises from other communities to our community and our common enterprise, and increase the our opportunities and possibilities for creative community enterprise

We are the media. Our media is our stories. Our media is our word of mouth. Our media is our connections and our relationships.

We are known by what we say and do and how we say and do things. We have no place to hide. We are served by demonstrating our integrity and our contribution.

Operating beyond integrity is doing what we say we do, being who we say we are, and demonstrating our contribution. Operating with integrity creates trust. Operating beyond integrity creates relationships.

We create connections, relationships, and community by demonstrating respectful, appreciative, considerate, open, honest, and contributive behaviour.

We create successful enterprise with honest, fair, and creative relationships, – by operating beyond integrity.

In creative community enterprise we contribute to our common interests by contributing to the success of other contributors and hold one another accountable for our behaviour, and appreciate the different points of view, ideas, interests, abilities, and contribution we each contribute.

We learn through our experiences. Learning experiences change the way we see things, think about things, and do things, – and the interests we pursue. Learning changes how we pursue our interests.

Conscious appreciative observation, exploration, and consideration of our experiences, our ideas, and our interests is how we learn how to create, and how we enjoy our creative experience.

Demonstrated behaviour is how we increase our knowledge. Communication is how we create connections. Conversation is how we increase our understanding. Contribution is how we create relationships. Ideas that contribute to our interests is how we create enterprise. Creating connections around common interests creates possibilities.

On observed behaviour
Ideas which contribute to behavour we can demonstrate, observe, and repeat.
We learn about the interests of others from their behaviour, – from what they do and how they do things, – and from their point of view, – what they say and how they say things. We demonstrate our interests with our behaviour. It is in our interests to learn about the interests of those we would like to create a relationship with

From brand to culture
Our brand is how we come to be known. We come to be known by what we say and do and how we say and do things. We all have a brand.

Our culture is who we are, – how we see and think about things, our interests and our ideas, and what we do and how we do things, our contributions.

Our cultural development, our creative development, our ability to become more successful in the pursuit of our interests, and our ability to create community around our enterprise flow from creating our culture.

We are known by our culture and our contribution to the interests of the communities we are part of and who contribute to our interests and our enterprise.

Managing relationships
We can not manage relationships. Relationships are defined from the point of view of the parties involved in a relationship. We can contribute to creating relationships

Do it yourself consulting
Gathering information and ideas, – organizing – exploring – identifying – considering – creating
Why consulting from the “outside”
Process supplemental by know-how with the benefit of points of view and ideas

Creative enterprise
We all have ideas.

Human nature
We are cooperative by nature. When we create trust we create possibilities.

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