Creating my stories

Arunachal Pradesh

Tourism Vancouver – Creating new enterprise
York Theatre – Imagining possibilities and community media
Tahsis Forest Products Company – Learning from experiences
BC Tree Fruits – Community communication systems
BC Hydro – Creative community enterprise
City of Vancouver – Increasing our contribution to our community – learning what we pay and what we get
Vancouver City Planning Department – Creative community development
Vancouver Park Board – Caring for our community resources
Greater Vancouver Regional District – Creating a livable community
Vancouver Playhouse Theatre – Money for nothing
BC Central Credit Union – Increasing our contribution to community
BC Ministry of Women – Changing a point of view
Woodwards Department Stores – Investing in relationships
Canadian Business for Social Responsibility – From responsibility to contribution
Heritage Vancouver – Creating as a community
Cal Meadow – From starting businesses to creating enterprise
World Education Market – Creating a centre for learning
Canadian Red Cross – The cost of business plans
Centre for Dialogue – Creative conversation
Builders without Borders – Community development without borders

Quantum Centres
Connecting Our Communities
Native Roots Stories
Leaders of Tomorrow – Observations and Connections
BBC Podcast on Democracy
Choral Community
Word of Mouth
Culture Days
Creative Conversation on Communicating with one another
Power Game
Heritage Community Network
Future of Theatres
Community Psychology and Community Behaviour
Compensation Agreement
Fusion – My Story

My point of view

What we could do
Blueprint for the future
Creating an environment for our future
Breaking the fourth wall
Power and Leadership
Community businesses and business communities

Quantum enterprise

The Beginning
The Creative Hypothesis
Who we are
Creating possibilities
Beyond Integrity

Quantum ideas

Quantum change

From business plan to story

Quantum media

Doorway stories

Quantum centres

Writers and Ideas
Centre for Literature
Creating Opportunities for Elders
Creative Canada

Community contributors

Island Conservation – Restoring our Biodiversity
Building Community Society

Creative Contributors

2011 Push International Performing Arts Festival

Community resources

The ‘Ksan Mural
Monument for East Vancouver – Ken Lum

Opportunities to explore

Connecting our Communities
Builders without Borders

My Stories

The Story So Far

Native Roots

My point of view
Human nature
Able and interested
Bras on a mission – Opportunities to explore
Vancouver Heritage Community
Vancouver Music Community
Indian Givers Connections
Writers and Ideas – Chilton
Bumper Stickers
Music and ideas
Learning how to learn – Our ability to respond to an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world
Worts – Canadian Heritage community
Vancouver Music Centre
Suzuki Elders
Strathcona Recording
Vancouver Choral Community – Good idea – Poor connection
Beyond Integrity
Fraser Institute
Leadership Vancouver
China Rising – Investment at the margin
Power of Ideas
Downtown Eastside Community Action Network

Our enterprise
The art of possibilities

Creating possibilities
The community media evolution
Our common enterprise
Vancouver Community Forums

Where we came from
Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts

Michael Audain
Community Arts Council of Vancouver

Told by contributors
Eastside Culture Crawl
Michael Geller

Stories of the community
Creating community with stories

Observations from the community
Roger Chilton
Judith Marcuse
Diane Loomer

Stories about heritage resources
Restoration story
Heatley Block success story

Stories about creative resources
K’san Mural
Monument to East Vancouver

Stories about possibilities
Vancouver Art Gallery
777 Pacific

Stories about opportunities
World city of literature
Centre for Social Responsibility
Let’s Twist Again

Stories about creative contributors
Centre A

Stories about creative contributions

Stories about what we know
What we know about Old Vancouver

Invitation to creative conversation
The Future of Strathcona

Book Warehouse

Stories of creating possibilities
York Theatre


The aging of america
Preserving island life
Creating our water systems
From education to learning experiences
Strathcona neighbourhood heritage
Act of Curation

Opportunities for creative conversation
777 Pacific Boulevard
Let’s twist again
Creating art with children

What we know

Creative Canada

Harry Aoki

Historical Community Conservation
Imagining the Future for Old Vancouver