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Reel Causes
Creating change with the power of film



New Chapter in funding

Canada’s Story

Canada’s World
Shauna Sylvester

From the media
Three Ways
Citizen Assemblies
Renting – The Ultimate Housing Problem
The Vienna Model
Centre for Democracy – Future of Universities
Haida Culture
Haida carvers and artists Lyle Campbell, Bill Bellis and Marcel Russ discuss the history, symbolism, and personal experiences attached to the work that they create in British Columbia, Canada.

Vancouver Aboriginal Music Community
Reconciliation – Breaking Down the Digital Divide
Reconciliation Health Care
Creative Vancouver Community

Home 2019

The National in Conversation
Why Investigative Journalism Matters – February 24, 2017

The Changing Nature of News – from Confederation Centre of the Arts March 24, 2017

Why Community Coverage Matters – April 25, 2017

Diversity of Perspective – Streamed live on May 17, 2017

Why Foreign Coverage Matters – May 30, 2017

Creative Experiences for Creative Conversations
West End
Heritage Stories
The West End Journal
West End Concerns

Creative British Columbia

Arts Direct as imagined

We invest in creating a place for ourselves in the community to tell our story, express our point of view, and contribute to the conversations which have importance for us.

We pay for the connections that generate revenue and finance the development of the system and invest in creating our community.

Quantum Ideas imagined

What we can do

Creating the story
My sixth book

From me to we
I am we in this conversation, – we as I see and appreciate our world.

Creative Conversation
Creating our story

Exploring what we know, where we are, what we care about, what we can do, what creative resources we have, what opportunities we have to excite creative contribution, – to our exploration, – to our conversation, – to our interests, – to our community, – to our creative enterprise?

My ideas about what we can do. The opportunities for creative community enterprise I can see. My imagination of what we can contribute to creating as creative communities. From my point of view

Our creative resources
Knowledge is our greatest resource.

I am contributing connections to what we know about

I am contributing my ideas about what I think we could benefit from learning about the evolution of digital media and how people use the world wide web of digital media

The ability we have as humans for critical and creative exploration of how things are, how things work, what works, and how we create, – the science of probabilities and the art of possibilities.

Our ability to communicate our ideas, our feelings, and our stories to create connections, to influence, and to excite understanding and appreciation

Our common sense, our good sense, – the ideas we have in common and agree in common about how things work and how things could work better

I am contributing ideas about what seems like common sense, and what makes good sense, and what could be important if true, and what could be useful to know and useful to know how to do, and what creative ideas and creative possibilities they excite for creative enterprise

My contribution from me to we about how we are and what we have in common, – our common ideas, our common sense, our common nature, our common experience of life, our common interests as I experience life from my point of view. We each have our ideas about what we have in common. This is how I see we are and what we care about in common and what we can do, – what we are able to do and what we can do to improve our experience of life and create a better future for ourselves and our world as we know it.

To get action we need to excite action

My point of view is my truth. We trust our own truths, – which is why I trust the wind.

Creative British Columbia
Federation of Post-Secondary Educators
As a group of close to 10,000 individuals working in BC’s public universities, colleges, institutes and private institutions, our members are dedicated to transforming people’s lives through education.

Creative Canada
Our creative resources
Our ability to connect and contribute to the cultural diasporas of the many cultures who have and who are contributing to creating Canada around conversations about the idea of Canada and the opportunities excited and created by our cultural mosaic

Creating with my experience
See what happens when I don’t do a thing ………… nothing.

A work in progress

The tree fruit system
For the collective benefit of the community
Maximizing returns from resources
A communication system

Creative British Columbia
Our creative evolution
The Britannia Mine
The Britannia Mine operated from 1904 to 1974 and was once the largest copper mine in the British Empire.

It is told that over 60,000 people from 50 countries lived and worked in this isolated mining community over the course of its life.

Its story also comes up to the present day with the environmental remediation campaign that has cleaned up the local waters, seeing salmon and trout visit the local creeks.

Discover Books
Reading Tree Books for Charity – Film


Exploring the Business Case
The risk/return analysis
Pascal’s wager

Creating the story
What is a creative story?
We are the story. What is the story we want to create? What is the story we want to learn how to create? How does the story contribute to our creative interests as communities? What communities of creative enterprise are we contributing to creating?
Following creative stories in real life experiences, what is happening? What creative challenges does our experience create? What creative ideas could we explore which could contribute to our creative interests and our creative story?
Creative stories excite creative connections and contribute to our creative experience and the creative evolution of our own story and experience of life

Telling our story
We tell our story to connect with and excite the interests of our community and their understanding and appreciation of our enterprise
This is my criteria for communicating a creative story

The creative community
How do I describe the interests of the people and enterprises I want to serve? What interests do we have in common?

Creating opportunities for youth and elders
What is the story we want to create? Or is that a question for our leaders of today?

Community Media Centre
What we can do with a community media system.
Connect to the sources of creative contributions
Gather what we know around creative interests and creative ideas and opportunities for creative enterprise we are exploring
Follow creative stories as they evolve
Contribute to creating stories when ideas and opportunities present themselves

Creative Canada 2017
Exploring the idea of Canada
This is not about us. It is about the idea of Canada
Exploring the 150 events that contributed to the idea of Canada
Exploring the 150 people that contributed to how Canada is known

The creative installation
What I am doing
Featuring ideas to excite creative conversation, – conversation that excites creative exploration for creative connections, creative ideas, and creative enterprise.
Creative connections that contribute to changing the way we see, feel, and think about things and what we choose to do and how we choose to do things to create a better future for ourselves and our communities
An interactive experience exploring idea for creating possibilities to excite creative exploration, creative conversation, creative ideas, and creative community enterprise
A creative game
My imagination of what could be and my ideas about what we can do

This is a design build experience. I am learning as I create. I am creating a learning experience to excite the experience of creating and our appreciation of the creative experience

Where my ideas came from
Tree Fruits
BC Hydro
City of Vancouver

Tourism Vancouver
Alberta Government

Creative installation
Could be seen as a system for organizing complexity
Contextualizing media
Connections to relationships with other media, information, ideas and interests
Ideas of what we can do to create community around creative possibilities

About me
Observations on myself
I find I think my way through to finding my choices and make the decision based on what I feel, what I trust most, what is the best obtainable version of the choice I think will work best in my interests
Is the choice better than the alternatives, including the alternative of doing nothing?

Rather than tell anyone what I think they could do I prefer to tell what I am doing and why I am doing and how I am doing

What I think

We connect with our feelings. We create connections with the feelings of other human beings as an appreciative experience. If we become connected with our humanity, – our experience of caring, – we can experience appreciation. If we experience appreciation, we experience caring. An appreciative experience is a creative experience.

A creative experience gives us more insight into how we are and what we care about and how we see, and think, and feel about things, – which can change our point of view, – can contribute to changing how we see and think and feel about our choices of what we do and how we do things.

Imagining the possibilities
Imagining our possibilities

Creating our systems
We accept systems as they are and see our systems as they and we, or them and us, when we can create systems that contribute to creating we, our systems, instead of accepting systems as they have evolved.

Exploring our nature
How I think we are

The cost of climate change
Exploring the business case
Creating our recovery systems

Vancouver Moving Theatre is thrilled to announce we have been awarded a Canada Council New Chapter grant to develop, rehearse and tour Weaving Reconciliation on a Spring 2018 National Tour.

Weaving Reconciliation is a multi-disciplinary production and cultural encounter that gives voice to those who have lived under Canada’s long shadow of colonialism. Led by Renae Morriseau (Cree/Saulteaux) with writers Rosemary Georgeson (Coast Salish/Sahtu Dene) and Savannah Walling (US-CDN), Weaving Reconciliation features a diverse cast of urban aboriginal actors, Downtown Eastside poets, elders and culture carriers.

Vancouver Moving Theatre is honoured that Weaving Reconciliation was selected as a New Chapter recipient along with 200 other exceptional projects. With this $35M initiative, the Canada Council supports the creation and sharing of the arts in communities across Canada.

Vancouver Moving Theatre is also thrilled that the Playwrights Theatre Centre and the exceptional dramaturge Kathleen Flaherty are partnering with Vancouver Moving Theatre and the writers in the development of the Weaving Reconciliation script.

Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society
Playwrights Theatre Centre

About Us

Urban Indigenous Theatre Company
En’Owkin Centre

Miigwetch for bearing witness to Children of God. Urban Ink is deeply proud of this work—through it we hope we’ve invited you reconsider indigenous history in this country. In this year when we recognize the 150th anniversary of confederation, Urban Ink strives to make space for exploration and discussion of our complicated shared history. If this production was meaningful to you, if you felt your perspective shifted, if you valued your experience, please consider becoming a donor to Urban Ink —we need your support.

Based in Vancouver and founded in 2001, Urban Ink creates, produces and presents original live performance works by Indigenous and Intercultural artists. Today, under the passionate artistic direction of Corey Payette, our company goes ever further, promoting intercultural understanding, igniting conversations from coast to coast, and celebrating the rich history of this land by bringing communities together in a national conversation that affirms diversity as a shared Canadian value.

It is a dream of ours to bring our production of Children of God to smaller communities around the province and throughout the country. Inviting rural voices into the conversation is a key part of engaging in our diversity. Showcasing stories like this for young people in small communities, enabling them to see a different future for themselves, to see how telling their stories in their voice can make a positive impact on the world around them: these are our grand aspirations.

We invite you to walk boldly with us into truths told in a new way. Your support of Urban Ink’s mission enables the performing arts to function in their unique way, engaging us all in conversations about who we are as Canadians – a complex, interdependent, multicultural society based on a strong foundation of Indigeneity.

Thank you for walking this path with us,

Corey Payette and Dawn Brennan
Artistic Director and Managing Director

“This work needs to be done in every single community across Canada because it is not just about it taking place in indigenous communities, it is about non- indigenous people seeing this work and understanding the breadth and scope of this history and if we can have an understanding of that through the eyes of indigenous people then people can start to open up their minds and hearts to perspectives that have perhaps gone unheard for many generations
In this video Corey gives some context around the story and the national relevance of this production that he spent seven years researching, writing and developing.

Book Community Network
Readers Community Network
Readers Community Centre


Site C
Climate Change
Vancouver Housing
Creating Opportunities for Elders

Danish professor finds 55 is a good age to start a business

Think Tanks

Vancouver Theatre Community
Theatre is alive. An ever-evolving dialogue with life and with the world. PTC is where that conversation starts. We collaborate on new work with emerging and established theatre artists. Our focus is dramaturgy, development, playmaking from A to Z. Through carefully curated programs and deep conversations with artists, we help them transform their practice and ideas. New and necessary stories take shape. Fresh ways of working, thinking and creating emerge. We foster a culture of inclusivity and aim to make PTC accessible to all artists of passion and vision.

About Us

Creating Opportunities for Children – Films
Film Community Network
World Water Day

The Transformation Economy

Newsletter June 15, 2017

Why the live arts matter
Ben Cameron

The arts, whatever they do, whenever they call us together, invite us to look at our fellow human being with generosity and curiosity. God knows, if we ever needed that capacity in human history, we need it now. You know, we’re bound together, not, I think by technology, entertainment and design, but by common cause. We work to promote healthy vibrant societies, to ameliorate human suffering, to promote a more thoughtful, substantive, empathic world order.

Next Visionaries

Canadian Comedy Network
The Canadian Sense of Humour

Why – my experience with process
Why marketing
From awareness of the opportunity to creative relationship
Why management consulting
From what we need to know to determine what we can do
Why – my experience with systems

To http://www.thinkvancouver.com/community/creative-community-leaders/

Think Vancouver
creative community leaders
Ken Cameron, Former Manager of Policy and Planning, Greater Vancouver Regional District; Adjunct Professor of Urban Studies, Simon Fraser University
Patrick Condon, Chair, Master of Urban Design Program, UBC
Frank Ducote, former Senior Urban Designer, City of Vancouver Planning Department
Michael Geller, President, The Geller Group; Adjunct Professor, SFU Centre for Sustainable Community Development
Dr. Penny Gurstein, Director, School of Community and Regional Planning, UBC
Colleen Hardwick, CEO, PlaceSpeak
Scot Hein, Urban Designer, Campus and Community Planning; Adjunct Professor of Urban Design, SALA, UBC
Michael Kemble, Former Planner, City of Vancouver Planning Department
Ray Spaxman, Former Director, City of Vancouver Planning Department; Principal, Spaxman Consulting Group
Erick Villagomez, Principal, Metis Design Build

To: Mayor and Councilors, City of Vancouver
Re: Procedural Fairness for the Proposed Re-zoning Application
at 508 Helmcken Street
RTS No.10912


Creative community leaders

QS Top Universities


Learning resources and experiences

The transformation economy

We want to live better. We are transforming our lives. We are creating our story. We pursue and seek enterprises that help us create the story we imagine for ourselves. Caring about ourselves and our world is why we pursue our creative interests and why we create relationships with communities and enterprises that contribute to our creative transformational enterprise.

We will pay for transformational experiences, – for creative experiences that change the way we see, think, and feel about ourselves and our world, – and for creative experiences that increase our contribution to what we care about and want to contribute to creating in our world.

Enterprises that improve our ability to increase our contribution are what we will invest in if we are actively and consciously creating the story we imagine for ourselves and contributing to creating in our world.

Integrity – Healthier, wealthier, and wiser

We pursue a better experience of life
We see that everything is possible
We look to change our behaviour to improve our ability to create a better experience for ourselves
We do to create what we imagine we can experience
We know there is no end to our enterprise and our ability to create possibilities

It is an approach to life, – an approach to our experience of life, – an approach to the creative experience of life, – and we are now becoming to realize the freedom we have to create our story is in our hands, – we are responsible for what we do and how we do things to create possibilities for ourselves, – and to create a place for ourselves in the communities we are part of and contribute to creating our world.

We Care

What we can do

Just connect. Connect with what we know, what we think, how we feel, what we care about, who we are, what we are experiencing. Connect with our experience and what excites our appreciation and exploration and creative interest. Connect with the experience of others.

What we can do as a creative community

Explore our common nature

Quantum Mechanics
We take a fee if I contribute to your success

Riki’s Huffington Post on The Other Keystone XLs — SHARE

ALERT newsletter forwarded separately SHARE — Please sign up for these newsletters at www.alertproject.org

U.S. Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement
Document calls on U.S. cities to meet the Kyoto threshold. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/seattle-mayor-kick-starts-drive-for-reduction-of-municipal-emissions/article20404702/

Seattle is serious! http://www.seattle.gov/environment/climate-change

Entire IPCC 2013 report in 19 illustrated haikus

The Entire IPCC Report in 19 Illustrated Haiku

Here’s what we are co-creating: the collaborative economy. Brilliant 5-min clip by a brilliant human, Paul Hawken. http://www.greenbiz.com/video/2013/12/20/paul-hawken-collaborative-economy-verge-studio-c

Bioneers talk with Paul Hawken, too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q52WJjeara0

Annie Leonard, Story of Solutions. http://storyofstuff.org/movies/the-story-of-solutions/

Bioneers — system thinkers. http://www.bioneers.org

Centre for Literature

“In a very real sense, people who have read good literature have lived more than people who cannot or will not real. It is not true that we have only one life to lead; If we can read, we can live as many more lives, and as many kinds of lives, as we wish.
Television – too much show business and not enough information. As a result the majority are not represented.

Creating trust
Exploring the idea of trust
How to restore trust in the NEB
The 180
Sunday June 18, 2017
All conversations

Trust and media
The next level of anti-truth

Media for First Nations
A media culture
Vancouver leader

Celebration, resilience and food: What to eat at a powwow
These summertime gatherings celebrate artistry, community, resilience – and Indigenous cuisine


On the occasion of Canada’s 150th anniversary, we’re diving deep into our vault and showcasing some of Vancouver’s most valuable treasures to prsent our newest exhibition Unbelievable, in collaboration with HCMA Architecture + Design. Unbelievable features contested objects, storied replicas and iconic artifacts for a mind-bending exploration of the role stories play in defining community – and what happens when these tales can’t be relied upon.

We currently live in a post-truth world full of fake news, alternative facts and falsehoods, where literally nothing can be taken at face value. In Unbelievable, we will look at the contradictory and unbelievable stories behind treasured artifacts challenging visitors to look differently at the world and facts.

Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres
Sylvia Maracle

Sylvia Maracle

Gail Murray


Future of Journalism

Rethink 150

Haida Native Roots

Hosting a conference?


Visit Kay



Opinion: Zoning for dollars: Getting Community Amenity Contributions out of the backroom 
Perhaps we can also look forward to a more balanced point of view from UBC, “—one of the most vibrant and inspirational places of learning and research in the world.”
It would be good to hear the point of view of a sociologist, an environmentalist, an ethicist, a political scientist, certainly a planner? Perhaps from an interdisciplinary group? I believe UBC has come to appreciate the value of interdisciplinary work. The community would certainly benefit from such an approach on such important issues as this.
Ray Spaxman

“These stories allow readers to grasp the enormity of what happened, one story at a time.”
David Azrieli
The Azrieli Foundation’s Holocaust Survivors Memoirs Program connects educators and students across Canada to first-hand accounts of Holocaust survivors who immigrated to Canada after the war.
Globe and Mail, 2017.06.24


This is the end

Community Children

Creative Canada


Salmon return to False Creek

Theatre of the new world

Readers Community Network
Kiosks located on our theatre of the new world focused around the interests of the people who are gathering in a community place with opportunities to explore curated by the authors responding to the questions most frequently asked and the questions most important from the context of the author’s point of view and interests and intentions in writing the book.

Creating Opportunities for Youth



150 also

Art and Social Change

Exploring the Business case
Salish Sea

Creative Vancouver
A Tale of Two Markets
July 08, 2017

When: Sat, July 8, 2017. 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM.

Where: Djavad Mowafaghian World Art Centre, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, 149 W. Hastings St.

Presented by the Indian Summer festival. Simon Fraser University is a Founding Partner of the Indian Summer Festival.

Co-presenter: SFU Woodward’s Cultural Programs

Community Partners: Hua Foundation and SACHA.

Vancouver’s Chinatown and Punjabi Market sit in an urban twilight zone — the question is whether they are at a sunrise or a sunset. For a hundred and thirty-five years in the case of Chinatown, and half a century in the case of Punjabi Market, these two neighbourhoods have been more than just places where commerce happens. They have been the heart of their communities, nurturing businesses, human relationships, artists, food systems and cultural legacies. Today they stand on the brink of extinction. How do we imagine their future?

What is the role of places such as Chinatown and Punjabi Market in the face of global flows of people and capital shaped by local histories of exclusion, marginalization, and colonization? How does a civic memory in Vancouver get developed, shared, and erased? Who gets to determine this? These are questions that are not only about these neighborhood, but about how to build cities beyond just buildings. Our panel of thinkers is steered by noted urban planner Andy Yan and features Melissa Fong, Tyler Russell, Meera Bains, and Paneet Singh.

On the morning of this panel, join us for two guided walking tours of Chinatown and the Punjabi market: A Cultural Walking Tour: Punjabi Markets & Chinatown.

ASL is available for this event! Please email outreach@indiansummerfest.ca to request ASL services before June 23.


Indian Summer Festival is produced by Indian Summer Arts Society, a not-for-profit charitable arts organization based in Vancouver, Canada. This year’s festival theme is ‘Tales of War and Peace.’ The line-up includes an outstanding array of award-winning artists who have the courage to say what they think, to hold up a mirror to ugly truths, but also to transcend, offer hope and celebrate creation when the world looks dispiriting. For more information visit:

Restoring our environment
Salish Sea

Uninterrupted: A Cinematic Spectacle



“Let us find a way to belong in this time and place together. The future, and the well-being of all our children, rests with the kind of relationships we build today”
Chief Dr. Robert Joseph, co-founder Reconciliation Canada

Because Culture Saves Lives
From model to role model, Joleen Mitton is a driving force in Vancouver’s indigenous community. At the age of 15, Joleen was introduced to the crazy world of international modelling. Her story is about identity.

She now works with indigenous foster children as a Community Support Worker at the Pacific Association of First Nation Women (PAFNW). She also runs her own company, All My Relations Entertainment, where she produces fashion shows to bring awareness to Indigenous fashion and artists.


Creative Vancouver
Doors Open Vancouver

Doors Open Vancouver is a free public festival offering special behind-the-scenes access to some Vancouver’s most interesting and unusual buildings. This event connects residents with the buildings they know and love, invites them to discover new ones, and encourages curiosity and conversation about Vancouver’s built form, heritage, history, and culture.

DOV is a quick start action identified by the Mayor’s Engaged City Task Force, and is brought to you by the City of Vancouver in partnership with the Architectural Institute of British Columbia, Cascadia Green Building Council, Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association, Tourism Vancouver, the Vancouver Heritage Foundation, Vancouver Public Space Network, and Walking Tours of Vancouver with John Atkin.