My learning experiences

We learn from our experiences. We create with our ideas.

Quantum ideas grew from what I learned from my experiences, from my many conversations with many people, and from the writers, artists, and creative entrepreneurs who contributed to my understanding, my appreciation, and my imagination.

I have a lifetime of people to thank for my opportunities, my experiences, and my good fortune. I have a lifetime of appreciation for my family and friends and for the contribution of my partners, my colleagues, my clients, and the people I came to know through Western Management Consultants and Go Direct Marketing.

My ideas about creative community enterprise come from many different enterprises I have worked with, worked for, and learned from. Most of my work involved exploring opportunities and ideas to get enterprises from where they were to where they wanted to be, and creating systems and ways of doing things to make that possible.

I would like to say I brought quantum ideas to this point. But I can’t. There were many people who contributed, knowingly and unknowingly, to the ideas and the evolution of the idea of exciting creative community enterprise to create communities without borders around our common human interests, – and who gave me reasons and kept me interested in pursuing the idea since I started down this road in 1996.

This creative adventure could never be imagined or possible without you. You were the creative contributors. Quantumideas is our creative contribution.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to creating my story, to creating the story of our collective enterprise, and to creating the possibilities of our story for our future.

Creative community contributors I learned with
Experiences I learned from