The Fusion Symposium 2008

In September 2008 I was invited to tell my story of how I got to be doing what I am doing and contribute my ideas to creative entrepreneurs and youth interested in the world of entrepreneurialism.

My talk is about where I was in the evolution of my thinking and my imagination about  how we could create a community media system to create connections for our creative community and excite creative enterprise as a community around our common human interests.

I haven’t improved my ability to speak but my language and ideas have moved on from cooperative enterprise to creative enterprise, from social enterprise to community enterprise, and from our cultural and social and community development to our creative and cultural evolution as a community.





What happened

Fusion Symposium Vancouver 2009 – The Idea
This Story started with a Story

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The Fusion Initiative
Beyond Integrity
Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship
Centre for Creative Leadership
Centre for Creative Conversation
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