Remembering Barry Lord

Barry Lord is my oldest friend, by which I mean my first best friend. We hung out and enjoyed one another’s company as kids in the east end of Hamilton, Ontario. We graduated from Queen Mary Elementary School together and were captains on the opposing sides of a debate for the graduation ceremony.

It was 1952. Television was in play and on the horizon. I was arguing for the positive contribution of this new medium to our learning and Barry won the debate. I forgot. Years later when we reconnected Barry told me he thought I should have won the debate and although he felt a little bad about the outcome, he also learned about the power of sophistry. In his closing remarks he responded to my ideas about how I imagined television could contribute by saying we can see no demonstrated evidence for the case.

Since those days, I have watched Barry appear on the landscape over the years following his course and was happy to meet up and have some time and conversations with him over the past few years. We have, as we did then, a lot of ideas and interests in common.

Barry believed that sharing knowledge leads to new knowledge. And new knowledge is how we evolve, how our culture evolves, and how we evolve our culture.

Art and Energy: How Culture Changes, the conversation about how we create and communicate knowledge, our greatest resource and our source of creative energy, could not be more important to our ability to create a culture of community and create possibilities for our community for the future.

Our culture of community is what makes us human. A culture of caring, of appreciation, and of contribution to our warmth and well-being and experience of community, – our reasons for creating community. We have the opportunity and the ability to evolve into a culture of community fueled by the creative energy we excite from the creative experience.

This is my appreciation for your contribution Barry, – to my life, – to Canada, – to how we see the world differently, – and to keeping the conversation going.

Remembering Barry Lord
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