Quantum media

We create connections with media. Quantum media are stories, information, ideas, observations, and opportunities to experience which contribute to common interests and common enterprise as a community and  to creating connections that contribute to our ability to learn, to contribute, and to create.

Our creative interests

Our interests as media contributors is to connect, inform, and excite interest, imagination, and creative exploration, creative contribution, and creative relationships

Our interests as creative entrepreneurs is to explore media for opportunities to experience, learn, create connections, contribute, and create relationships that contribute to our creative enterprise.

Our creative community enterprise is to create connections for and with one another which contribute to interests we have in common and our common interests as a community, – to create community, to increase our contribution as a community, and to create a sustainable creative community.

Why are we a community? What interests and enterprise do we have in common? What do we need to know as a community? What can we benefit from knowing as a community? What can we do as a community? What do we want our community media system to do for us?

Connect us to information we need to know and could benefit from knowing.

Publish ideas contributed by our community leaders and contributors about what we could do and opportunities we are creating for our community to contribute.

Keep us informed on the development of stories of enterprises and events which are contributing to or militating against our interests as a community and our ability to pursue our common interests.

Contribute to creating connections with the stories, information, ideas, and opportunities we contribute to our communication centre, – the media that contributes to the interests we have in common and to the common interests of our community.

Give everyone the ability to explore the beginnings and the evolution of stories that are contributing to the evolution of our community and an ability to have the same level of understanding as everyone else in the community about where we are now and what is happening and who is contributing and what we could do to contribute to our evolution as a community.

Contribute to creating a culture of community in our communications and to creating community around our common interests and common enterprise.

What are our community interests?