The Top Line

How quantum media earns revenue

To improve the bottom line I always advised clients to focus on the top line, on how to increase our revenue and increase our stability of revenue, rather than on reducing costs. Growth in revenue will create growth in profits if the enterprise is well structured. And our investment at the margin is where our greatest returns on investment lie.

Newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and online media enterprises earn revenue from advertisers. Media enterprises don’t create advertisements. They create connections for advertisers. Community media is part of a crowded marketplace of media enterprises competing for the attention of communities of interest and for the attention of advertisers interested in connecting with and attracting the attention of communities of interest to them.

Community media and community enterprise create opportunities for investment at the margin

Contributors to community media create connections with stories and ideas to contribute to our interests in creating community, in attracting the interest of communities who could benefit from the stories, to increase our contribution to our community interests, and to increase the size of our community and our contribution to the communities we serve.

We know that advertisements that offer useful information, insights, ideas, an experience, and opportunities that benefit the interests of a community are more successful in attracting interest and response. We know that good marketing is based on a good idea. We know that good ideas create connections and word-of-mouth.

In quantum media we create opportunities for enterprises interested in creating connections with communities

  • From branded entertainment to branded opportunities to explore
  • From a moment of exposure to a permanent place and ongoing relationship with a story, an idea, a conversation, a contribution, or an opportunity
  • From reaching large numbers of people once to reaching large numbers of people over again and reaching larger numbers of people to come and being able to track our connections and measure their contribution to our enterprise
  • From passive exposures to large numbers of people to communities of interest actively exploring for information, ideas, and opportunities
  • From connections to evolving stories created for entertainment to relationships with evolving stories we are creating as communities.

We communicate who we are with our story, – what we do, why we do it, and what we contribute, – our storyline. We create our brand by what we say and do and how we say and do things.

  • Every contributor has access to transaction activity and relationship agreements
  • Everyone can explore for opportunities to tell stories, host conversations, keep communities informed, and finance creative enterprise.


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