Community Media Quantum Mechanics

Our community media system is a creative community enterprise creating opportunities for communities of common enterprise to contribute media to create connections with and for communities of common interest.

As a self-sustaining creative community enterprise we are operating and pursuing our interests free from the need for government or philanthropic support, free from the interests of private or corporate ownership, and free from the ideas of governance by the few over the many.

To improve the bottom line I always advised clients to focus on the top line, on how to increase our revenue and increase our stability of revenue, rather than focusing on reducing costs. Growth in revenue will create growth in profits if the enterprise is well structured. And  investments at the margin is where the most highly leveraged and greatest returns on investment lie.

Newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and online media enterprises earn revenue from advertisers. Media enterprises don’t create advertisements. They create connections for advertisers. Community media is part of a crowded marketplace of media enterprises competing for the attention of communities of common interest and for the attention of advertisers interested in connecting with and attracting the attention of communities of interest to them.

Investment at the margin

Community media and creative community enterprises create opportunities for investment at the margin

Contributors to community media create connections with stories and ideas which contribute to our interests in creating community, to attracting the interest of communities who could benefit from the stories, to increasing our contribution to our common interests as creative communities, and to increasing the size of our community and our contribution to the communities we serve.

We know advertisements that offer useful information, insights, ideas, experiences, and opportunities which contribute to the interests of a community are more successful in attracting interest and response. We know good marketing excites word of mouth. We know good ideas create connections and word-of-mouth. We know good marketing creates trust, loyalty, and community around our enterprise.

Community media creates opportunities for investment for enterprises interested in creating connections with and for ideas and enterprises which are contributing to improving our experience of our world and to creating a better future for our world.

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