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Jayleen Stonehouse:

Jayleen has been called the female James Brown with a raspy blues quality to her voice very rarely found. The funk and jazz influences in her music meld a unique and intoxicating sound.

She has been blessed with the opportunity to play and record with some of Canada’s most renowned musicians in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Jayleen has opened up for the likes of The Commitments, Collin James, Barney Bentall, Doug & The Slugs and Long John Baldry. She was once told personally by Jimmy Page “that she would do and be everything she dreamed of because she is REAL”.

Jayleen has an honesty and fortitude in her music that flows out through her live performance as well as her recordings. Jayleen became aware of Dinah Washington at a very young age and soon Dinah became her favorite jazz singer of all time. Feeling that she had an other worldly close connection to some of Dinah’s life stories and even a similarity to Dinah’s vocal timber, Jayleen felt a need to tell Dinah’s story and now thrives in this latest production – A Stranger on Earth. Joining Ron Van Dyke on piano, a tightly knit group is crafted and they are performing their unique style for engagements locally and internationally.

Ron Van Dyke:

Ron Van Dyke launched his musical career in the early 1960’s with several very successful “pop” recordings released in Canada and the U.S.A. As a singer and pianist, he continued to develop his craft with the guidance of his contemporaries. His voice and piano work could be heard on many albums from Pop to Country throughout the 70’s and 80’s.

Now, an accomplished pianist,singer,songwriter, music publisher and producer his multifaceted career is well recognized and appreciated internationally as featured artist on the major cruise lines and the in the finest hotels and concert rooms throughout Europe and the Americas.

Ron Van Dyke’s extensive repertoire and extraordinary experiences have brought him to this exciting and retrospective production of – A Stranger on Earth.

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Come On Home

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A Stranger on Earth: The Dinah Washington Story

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