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Vancouver Latin America Film Festival

The Annual Vancouver Latin American Film Festival has become a primary window for Latin American filmmakers in North America. We have earned an international reputation through partnerships with cultural and educational institutions and other festivals, and many distributors and producers entrust us to have their Canadian film premiers at the Vancouver Latin America Film Festival.

Our competition sections are at the heart of the festival: New Directors Competition, Al Jazeera Documentary Competition, and Short Film Competition, as well as our Youth Choice Award for Best Film. The out of competition sections present a spectrum of the vibrant visual arts scene in Latin America.

Our responsibility as curators of the festival is deep and we take it very, very seriously. We strive to present what we think represents the best of the recent Latin American Cinema, and the films that may be most meaningful for our audience. We owe nothing less to the Canadian community. All we have in our hands that is exempt from economic factors is the curatorial vision of the festival.

Christian Sida-Venenzuela, Festival and Artistic Director
From: A Curatorial Vision that Transcends
Welcome to the 12th Annual Vancouver Latin American Film Festival

Vancouver Latin America Film Festival
promoting dialogue among cultures

There is nothing more compelling than a story that connects to our interests, and to a community of common interest, and to an opportunity to experience and pursue our interests and become part of the community

Howe Sound Films

We are a script and story-focused television and film production company committed to developing and producing intelligent and relevant television drama, feature film and documentary programming.

Each of our projects begins at the source – story and script. Our creative team of award-winning writers and producers places an emphasis on storytelling, producing exceptional Canadian and international drama and documentaries. Stories with heart and bone; stories that reflect our world and our immutable condition. Television that opens our eyes. Comedy that makes us young. Drama that makes us One.
Howe Sound Films

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The Man Who Shot Liberty Vance

Iberoamerican Images

Iberoamerican Images, a joint project of AJA Entertainment and BRISA Productions from Vancouver, is creating a distribution and exhibition platform for films produced in Spain, Portugal and the Americas to give Canadian audiences from coast to coast the most relevant and recent of Spanish and Portuguese language film productions on a regular basis.

The two companies have a combined experience of more than 20 years organizing special exhibitions of Spanish and Portuguese language films in British Columbia and partnering with film festivals, film distributors, and film institutions such as the Vancouver International Film Festival, Pragda, Telefilm, IMCINE, Cinema Chile among others in this endeavor.

Ibero-America designates the vast geographic landscapes and the deeply rooted cultural connections between Spain and Portugal in the Iberian Peninsula with the territories of Brazil and the Spanish speaking countries in the Caribbean, North, Central and South America.

Iberoamerican Images

PRAGDA, a Brooklyn New York film distribution company, was created to promote and maintain the legacy of Spanish and Latin American cinema through unique cultural initiatives.

IMCINE, the Mexican Film Institute, is a government agency created to invest in the development of the Mexican film industry and the role it plays in strengthening the cultural values, customs, and ways of life in Mexico.


• To ensure an international platform for the exhibition of Spanish and Portuguese language cinema in the cultural and academic fields, creating an opportunity for greater viewership for emerging artists.

• To build and strengthen sustainable cultural exchange and fruitful relationships between Spanish and Portuguese artists and local cultural institutions.

• To promote Spanish and Latin American cultures in cities, towns, and universities, which otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity or resources.

• To develop appreciation for foreign cinema in those regions where access to these films is limited.

• To increase International exposure for up-and-coming as well as established filmmakers from Spain and Latin America.

• To highlight and protect the historical and cultural heritage of Spanish and Latin American cinema.

• To encourage critical and cross-disciplinary thinking in Spanish and Portuguese language cinema.