Vancouver Design Week

Vancouver is an edge city. A territory on the geographic and cultural periphery. A place where people come to escape the confines of convention and a place with a unique aptitude for freethinking, incubating and instigating. Vancouver is home for a community of world-class designers, design thinkers, and design innovation contributing to changing the way we see and do and imagine things

Vancouver Design Week is an opportunity to focus the spotlight on our community, to cross pollinate, and to leverage the potential and contribution to the future of the Vancouver and to Vancouver’s contribution to the future of our world.

Vancouver Design Week is an opportunity to initiate a broader conversation to increase the contribution of our Vancouver design community to our culture and to excite a shift in our perception of the value of design to our creative and cultural development.

Vancouver Design Week is an opportunity for local designers, design organizations, and design thinkers in the Vancouver design community to challenge and expand the Vancouver design conversation.

The community of Metro Vancouver is invited to create and contribute spaces for creative exploration and conversation about design, to create a design-related event, and to explore, create, and host opportunities to experience, learn about, and learn from the contribution of design to our ideas, our imagination, and our creative possibilities.

Vancouver Design Week is a community enterprise created by a passionate community of people who share the belief that design is imperative to improving the quality and potential of our city.

The first Vancouver Design Week happened all around Vancouver between September 15 and September 28, 2014

Vancouver Design Week