Restoring Our Atmosphere

our essential resource for our future

Burning coal, oil and natural gas to heat our homes, power our cars, and illuminate our cities produces carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases as by-products. Deforestation and clearing of land for agricultural also release significant quantities of such gases. Over the last century, we have been enitting greenhouse gases to the atmosphere faster than natural resources can remove them. During this time, atmospheric levels of these gases have climbed steadily and are projected to continue their ascent as global economies grow.

Climate Change – State of Knowledge
Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change
October 1997 – PDF

This Changes Everything

Leadership and social movements can grab the wheel of history in extraordinary times
Naomi Klein says this changes everything
CBC Radio, Sunday Edition, September 14, 2014 Podcast


We want Canada to achieve its share of emissions reductions necessary to stabilize atmospheric greenhouse gases at levels which will avoid catastrophic and irreversible changes to our planet’s climate. There is broad consensus that this means greater than 90 percent reduction in our total emissions by 2050. This will require capping our total emissions immediately, and steep annual reductions in emissions until targets are met.

Canada should be a world leader in addressing climate change. Given our relative affluence, expertise, and available resources, we should be a country which other jurisdictions turn to as an example of what must be done to solve this crisis.

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Climate Change Visualization from 1880 to 2010 by NASA – Film