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creating connections with ideas

Creating connections with ideas was one of the storylines I imagined for Quantumideas. We connect with one another around ideas, interests, and experiences we have in common. Our ability to create connections for one another and create connections with one another requires the communication of ideas.

We improve our ability to create connections when we have community on a common language of ideas. Ideas in common to create connections in understanding what we are communicating so we improve our ability to explore ideas we have in common in how we see, think, and feel about our experience of our world and in our creative interests.

The idea of experience. The idea of social innovation.

the idea of experience

  • Direct observation of or participation in events as a basis of knowledge.
  • The state of being affected by or gained knowledge through direct observation or participation.
  • A practical knowledge, skill, or practice derived from direct observation of or participation in events or in a particular activity.
  • The conscious events that make up an individual life.
  • The events that make up the conscious past of a community or nation or mankind generally.
  • Something personally encountered, undergone, or lived through.
  • The act or process of directly perceiving events or reality.

from the Merriam Webster Dictionary

the idea of social innovation

Definitions of social innovation abound and a casual observer can quickly become entangled in a debate over meaning and nuance. We’ve adopted a simple working definition.

  1. Social innovation refers to the creation, development, adoption, and integration of new concepts and practices that put people and the planet first.
  2. Social Innovations resolve existing social, cultural, economic, and environmental challenges.
  3. Some social innovations are systems-changing. They permanently alter the perceptions, behaviours, and structures that previously gave rise to these challenges.
  4. Even more simply, a social innovation is an idea that works for the public good.

Social innovations come from individuals, groups or organizations, and can take place in the for-profit, nonprofit and public sectors. Increasingly, they are happening in the spaces between these three sectors as perspectives collide to spark new ways of thinking.
from the Centre for Social Innovation

The Centre for Social Innovation operates in the spaces between sectors and among a vibrant mix of people, projects and organizations. We’re creating new spaces to catalyze and support social innovation.

What is Social Innovation – Film

We believe in the synergies of connection, the explosive potential of partnership, and the transformative power of movements. No one can do it all. We must work together. Collaboration is in our DNA. It isn’t just nice—it’s imperative.

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