Exploring Creative Possibilities

Exploring Creative Possibilities

We are sitting on a stage in a theatre, perhaps on a university campus, perhaps a theatre for the arts, perhaps a theatre at a conference centre for communities of common interest in the worlds of media, journalism, creative communication, creative leadership, and creative entrepreneurship.

People invited to be at the event will have purchased tickets for themselves so they could be there for the live event or may have been sponsored to give them an opportunity to contribute their point of view after the conversation.

There are five people in the creative studio representing the point of view with a studio audience.

Roger is present. Also present are two young entrepreneurs. One entrepreneur has developed an idea for an environmental technology using solar panels. The other has developed a new concept for creating community through the use of the web. A third person from Toronto joins us by video conference to share her ideas on business transformation.

A media creative team and the media production team are on hand to broadcast and record the event for our online theatres contributing to our creative communities and communities of common enterprise around the world.

The conversation is broadcast in our online theatre. Communities who have an interest in the conversation which will build on the observations and ideas of the contributors which was communicated earlier will be able to forward a copy of the event notice to their communities about the time the event will take place and when the recoding with creative contribution from the audience will be available

The conversation goes live to the world sharing
The ideas, concepts and projects are of British Columbians and Canadians. The program is lively, quirky, fun, and personal, – entertaining, engaging, and enterprising.

The program is creative conversation exploring and learning the art of exploring creative possibilities. The conversations are observed on at the centre for creative conversation.

The Centre for Creative Conversation is a learning centre for exploring the art of creative contribution to imagining and creating possibilities as a community. Imagining ideas of creative possibilities and imagining how we could create possibilities we agree upon as a community.

Creative possibilities we agree upon and which contribute to our individual and common interests become opportunities for creative community enterprise.

After the event people in the theatre can contribute their observations and ideas on camera which are edited and broadcast as points of view from other contexts and communities of interest

We measure the success of our creative enterprise by these dimensions and invite our community to contribute ideas that increase our contribution on investment and explore underemployed resources and relationships.

Connect and increase the size and contribution of a community of common enterprise that contributes to our common human interests and the common interests of a community that contributes to our common human interests.

To create learning opportunities for people interested in communities around the world with connections to opportunities for learning experiences

To create learning centres for younger people that provide opportunities for elders to contribute their coaching ideas and what they have learned and their point of view to creative entrepreneurs and aspiring creative leaders and contributors

To excite the creative contribution of ideas, initiatives, and enterprises which contribute to increasing our contribution to our community interests

To excite interests in exploring new ways of seeing and doing things that work with our human nature to more successfully contribute to our creative and cultural evolution as individuals and communities.

To create an online theatre that gives creative community contributors the ability to reach everyone who is part of the community of common enterprise created by the common interest of the community

To give everyone the opportunity to contribute their point of view – be apolitical although community members may not be

To provide government agencies, academic institutions and business and community leaders with opportunities to contribute to increasing the size of the community and the number of creative conversations

To ensure the long-term success of the project by creating a community governance model that gives everyone the opportunity to hold one another accountable and excite creative entrepreneurship around opportunities, possibilities and ideas for creative community enterprise

To create systems for exploring ideas and enterprises and ways of seeing and doing things that contribute successfully to creating community and identifying behaviours and ideas and ways of doing things that militate against our interests

Hosts and Contributors
The Suzuki Elders and Older to Elder

Thanks for a great conversation. I learned much more about what you have done and can do. I appreciate your idea around Sharing the Future, – or as I might call it Creating Possibilities for our Future. We have the same interests, and even though I am still not sure about your particular interests, I am better equipped to think about possibilities, – which might fall in the role of creative producer and the possibility of exploring ideas about how we can excite creative leadership and creative contribution from elders, – not olders or the elderly who are too self-preoccupied – or legitimately need care and feeding. And although we might excite interest in some of these older people I think we are going to be far more productive, – in exciting contribution, – if we focus on those who feel a responsibility to our community who care about the future well-being of others, – and to our future as a community, – our humanity, – and who can see themselves as a community of elders creating opportunities for elders to contribute what they know, what they have learned about human behaviour, and what works, – and creating opportunities for all of us to accelerate our creative evolution and demonstrate how we could do this as a community, – that is if there are any coaches or mentors or people interested in contributing as coaches and mentors, and in becoming coaches and mentors. Perhaps a creative conversation for Theatre of a New World to explore to contribute to Creating a New World, – and creating ways of seeing and doing things that accelerate our ability to create a new world

From just getting older to thinking about what we could contribute as an elder to the success of others, – to assisting others in becoming successful, – in learning the arts of successful enterprise and successful relationships, – and successful living in how we see and do things, – and behaviour that works, – and build our body of knowledge with one another

How do we excite creative contribution from an underemployed resource? How do we increase the size and contribution of our communities of elders and in an enterprise of exploring and creating opportunities?