Centre for Creative Conversation

learning the art of creative exploration

Learning the art of critical, divergent, and creative thinking through creative conversation.

Exploring for community on interests and ideas and observations about how things are, how things could be, what we can do, and what this could do.

Creating context for our contribution with who we are and why we have our point of view, – our interests, our experience, and our ideas about what contributes and what we can do which could contribute to our common interests and our creative interests.

Creating community with conversation – My point of view

Start with Why

Start with a creative story – an opportunity and ideas to create as a community around a common interest

It is only when we broaden the question we can find creative answers – Adam Kahane


Rewarding reading and thinking
Improving the conversation we have online
Removing the friction from the discourse



Everyone brings a different story to our experience. Everyone sees our experience differently.

 Critical thinking

Do we have enough information to have an opinion, – a point of view, – about something that could be important if true? What do we need to know? What would we like to know? What questions would  excite community journalists to explore?

Creative interests in creative conversation

Exploring for ideas and opportunities for creative enterprise
Exploring for connections, resources, abilities, and enterprises in the community and for creative relationships around common or complementary interests

Conversation is how we come to know what interests and experiences we have in common and what ideas we commonly agree upon

Conversation is how we come to know our culture, – who we are, how we see things, what we think, and what we do

Conversation is intercultural contribution, – the contribution of our stories, our ideas, and our interests to one another, the connections it creates around our common experiences, interests, and ideas, and the opportunities for creative relationships and creative enterprise

Conversation is how we come to know one another, how we come to know ourselves, and how we learn how we see, think, and feel about things, and how we could see, think, and feel about things.

Our interest is to explore the art of creative conversation, demonstrate community behaviour, and excite interest, contribution, and the pursuit of creative conversation in communities of common enterprise that contribute to our common human interests.

Our enterprise in creative conversation is to explore for what we could do around ideas and opportunities for creative community enterprise and around opportunities to contribute to enterprises that are contributing to our community interests.

There are no rules, – only common interests interests, common ideas about creative conversation, and an agreement on our behaviour. Our interests are to demonstrate community behaviour in what we say and do and how we say and do things. Our community behaviour is respectful, appreciative, considerate, open, honest, fair, and contributive. Our intention is to excite imitation and creative contribution.

Our interest is to create connections with ideas. Creating connections with ideas is how we increase our understanding and appreciation of how things are, how we imagine things could be, and what we could do to create possibilities and become more successful in the pursuit of our creative enterprise.

We improve our ability to create connections by conscious appreciative observation, exploration, and consideration of new information, insights, ideas, and points of view we encounter.

Community behaviour and conscious appreciative observation, exploration, and consideration contributes to our ability to learn, to contribute, and to create connections, relationships, and possibilities for creative enterprise.

Learning is the process of creating connections with ideas. Creativity is the process of creating connections with ideas. The art of creating is a collaborative process. We are inspired by the ideas of other people. We create new connections with the ideas of others.

The art of creative conversation is the art of creating connections with ideas, – our ideas about how things are, our ideas about how things could be, and our ideas on what we could do to create possibilities.


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