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Give to the children. The children will give back.
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What we can do to prepare our children for their experience of life and their future.

Young Actors Project

Project Limelight

Project Limelight is a free theatre program for kids who are driven to perform. No experience necessary!
Project Limelight is about inspiring children to look inside themselves and discover their inner strengths, explore their hidden talents, develop confidence and form lasting friendships. Above all, Project Limelight is about having fun. Project Limelight is a vehicle that provides children with mentors and encourages them to continue their education.

“Our hope is that every child in our program walks away with a widened circle of friends, an increased sense of self, and a heightened curiosity. Nothing would please us more than having participants come back to the program as mentors. To us, that is success.”

Creating art with children
Suzy Birstein – Ceramic artist

Participating in art camps and programs allows children to develop their artistic skills and express themselves. Children can learn and explore their artistic muse through various media and techniques, including, ceramics, drawing, painting, mosaics, papier-mache and more.

We now know that we all learn in different ways. The skills learned in the studio are transformed into life skills. There is an openness, receptiveness, and sensitivity that go along with learning the technical and critical skills to manipulate materials and express imagination. Experimentation, decision making, risk taking, recognizing mistakes as opportunities, these all provide us with the self-confidence, motivation and inspiration to understand our world and carve our dreams within it.

Learning about different cultures and their art through the hands on experience of creating gives us an intimate connection with those cultures. This understanding and appreciation creates a familiarity that helps develop better relationships within our multi-cultural world. As time passes, this may inspire our children to travel, study or volunteer amongst different cultures envisioning themselves as useful compassionate world citizens engaged with the world and their place within it.

Wonderful works of art touch and inspire us. When we study a particular artist we are engaged in their personal story within the context of their time. We come to realize how creating art can challenge us and the viewer and evoke feelings of passion, transcendence, and inner calm. Children often experience these same feelings while discovering their own creativity.

The “full on” art studio is a safe place to be for children in their imaginations, experimenting and thinking outside of the box. It takes tremendous discipline and focus to acquire the aesthetic and technical skills necessary to transform materials into art. The measurable successes attained through creativity build self-confidence and a feeling of connectedness that moves far beyond the art studio.

Art brings us together to experience the best in our culture and inspire us to be the best we can.

Suzy Birstein
Suzy Birstein is an artist-in-residence for private and public schools in Greater Vancouver and has been the ceramic sculpture instructor for Arts Umbrella for 19 years. From her Kitsilano Garden studio, she offers after school workshops and art camps in ceramics during winter, spring and summer holidays and adult workshops in Vancouver and in Skopelos, Greece.

Source: Teaching Children Art

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