Roadhouse Theatre

In the entertainment world, a “roadhouse” theatre is one that only presents events that originate elsewhere or actually belong to someone else. For example, a community group may wish to hold a dance contest, but needs a stage, lighting, audio and a place to put the audience – things that they would not normally have access to. A good roadhouse venue will provide all of this and more so that the community dance contest is successful.

The Michael J. Fox Theatre does not present any of its own events, but books in presentations by clubs, schools, drama and theatre companies, bands and orchestras, singers, choirs, dancers, business meetings, recitals, contests, skits, plays, graduations and awards ceremonies and even the occasional athletic competition.

Many clients have used our stage over and over again for annual special events, concerts, recitals and festivals. A combination of friendly and knowledgeable staff, central location, comfortable and accessible seating, excellent stage lighting and audio capability supports presenters such as the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra and its dynamic conductor, Ken Hsieh.

Like many other theatres, we have seasons. Our dance season puts many thousands of dancers of all ages and skills across our specially-sprung stage floor. The winter concert season sees groups such as the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and the BC Chinese Music Association making great music. The mid-summer opera season presents over 20 evenings of colourful Cantonese Opera to delighted patrons from all over the Metro Vancouver region.

Michael J. Fox Theatre is a Roadhouse Theatre
Contributing to developing performers and an informed, inspired community