Telling our story

Why we tell stories

Exciting the imagination
Exciting creative exploration

How stories contribute

Creating a positive experience. Creating empathy. Creating insight. Exciting ideas. Exciting imagination. Exciting inspiration. Exciting enterprise.

What stories to tell

Showing the contribution

Creating our enterprise with our story

Why we are doing. What we are doing. What we are contributing.

What we have learned
Our interests
What we do
What interests we contribute to
Whose interests we contribute to
What opportunities we contribute
How we contribute
What we contribute
How we measure our contribution

What we imagine

How we create our story

How well we are doing
How well this contributes
Where we could go
What we are doing
How this will contribute

What we are creating

What we need
What opportunities are we creating
What opportunities will we contribute

Exploring our story

As Seth Godin observes in ‘All Marketers are Liars – The Power of Telling Authentic Stories in a Low-Trust World” – “Will the people who need to hear this story believe it?” and “Is it True?”. To which I could add, – Can people understand the opportunities the story is communicating for them, is it easily retold, and are we likely to tell others because it contributes to our common interests, – or are we pitching.
Writers and ideas

My observations on creative storytelling

The art of creative storytelling lies in creative contribution. The opportunity for creative storytelling is the pursuit of creative contribution to our common human interests. Written language is our greatest opportunity for learning the arts of creating possibilities and often our first form of introduction to one another

Language communicates ideas. Language creates behaviour. Language tells stories. Stories create connections