Beyond Integrity

Operating with integrity is being who we say we are and doing what we say we do. What we say and do and how we say and do things is what we come to be known for. We demonstrate we operate with integrity by living our story. Operating with integrity creates trust.

Operating beyond integrity creates relationships. We operate beyond integrity when we demonstrate we care about and contribute to the interests of others.

Operating beyond integrity contributes to creating trust and to our ability to create connections, relationships, and creative enterprise around our common interests

Operating beyond integrity encourages people to take personal responsibility and exercise personal leadership, excites creative contribution, and contributes to creating cooperative and creative enterprise

Operating beyond integrity improves our ability to creatively explore what we are doing and how we are doing things, and ideas, initiatives, and enterprises that could contribute to our common interests.

Operating with integrity is how we create connections with who we are and who we like to be. Operating beyond integrity creates a foundation for successful creative enterprise.

Changing the way we do business
The Management Process
The Art of Collaboration
The Art of Creating Enterprise – Notes for Telling Our Story
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Beyond Integrity Observations – PDF

The Beyond Integrity Brand


The assurance of Beyond Integrity

Value of the Brand

The promise of the Enterprise

Building the Brand

The management process

Value for the Enterprise


Beyond Integrity Enterprise

It’s about Collaboration

Demonstrate collaboration in the model, in the development of the model, in the development of the enterprise.

Target Audience

Enterprise leaders who get it. Writers who get it. Facilitators who get it. Communicators who get it.

Enterprise Leaders

Interested in continuing to improve their ability to operate beyond integrity
Interested in continuing to improve the system
Interested in encouraging others to do operate beyond integrity
Interested in encouraging people to do business with people who operate beyond integrity

The Idea

A way of doing business

Making the idea work better

Getting more people engaged in the idea

Our Interests

Helping enterprises be more successful in our common interests

What We Do

Help people understand the idea and why we think it works
Work with them to help make the idea work for them
Facilitate people to operate with the system and engage in the ideas
Provide information on new ideas and how ideas are being applied and what is working
Create opportunities to engage in the development of the ideas