The Anthropocene Era

Humans go from being participants in the whole earth to being a dominant feature dominating the oceans, the landscape, agriculture, animals… It could be a full scale catastrophic change. We do not have a way back. We live now in a different world. It is such a fundamental change in the way the earth is behaving that we need to communicate that as powerfully as possible to everybody.

Anthropocene: The Human Epoch – Trailer

We are in the anthropocene era. We are creating our world. We are creating our future. We are creating the future of our world. Are we focused on the world we want to create for our future? How do we create a new world for our future to create a better future for our world?

We all experience our world differently. How we see, think, and feel about our experience of our world creates our experience of our world. Our relationship with our environment, our experience, our creative interests, and our creative enterprise create our world and contributes to creating the world we all live in, live with, and experience. How we see, think, and feel about our experience of our world is how we imagine the world is and how we imagine the world could be.

My point of view, how I see, think, and fee about the world, has been created by my experience and is contextualized by my creative interests. My creative interests have been to imagine what we can do and how we can do things to create a new world, a new way of seeing, thinking, and doing things to create a better future for our world and for our community.

Our world is the world as we know it. We each have our own creative enterprise fueled by our own creative interests and we advance by connecting the dots, – by creating connections with ideas to increase our knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of our world and improve our experience of life. This is how we learn from our experience, how we create with our experience, and how we create the world we experience. Creating connections with ideas and exploring for ideas we have in common as a creative community, as a community contributing to creating the world, is how we create a world that works for everyone.

The Anthropocene Project

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