Why Collaborate

John Helliwell – Why Collaborate

To create a healthy community, a healthy environment, and a healthy future we need to collaborate around every opportunity and idea that contributes to or could contribute to our creative interests for our future.

We need to collaborate

We need to restore our environment and create a caring community for our future, – a civil society

We need to demonstrate how a caring community works and can work in our common interests

We need to increase the size and contribution of our creative community

We need to leverage our creative resources, our creative relationships, and our creative contributions

We need to agree upon and create systems that work for our common interests

We need to marshal all of our creative resources, the creative community, our learning resources, and our knowledge understanding, and appreciation of our world and increase their contribution

We need to understand power. Does exploring and understanding the nature of power make sense? Soft Power. The Power of Systems.

We need to hold one another accountable for our behaviour and responsibilities to make a contribution to our community interests

We need to agree upon ideas which are the closest possible empirical observable evidence of the truth

Caring for one another is critical to creating a civil society

We need to work from empirical evidence, – or the closest possible version of the truth about what happened, what happens, and what works – science and journalism we trust

We cannot do this without collaboration. Politics as practiced with us and them is not as productive, when it works, and militates more often against our progress

Leverage contributions by connecting ideas for enterprises and initiatives to other communities of creative common enterprise.

Creating communities without borders is a creative enterprise

The world we have created so far – how we are living with each other as a community of human beings and what we have created with our natural, cultural, and created resources, and the social and environment we are living in and with is not working well for our future

What do we need?

We need to agree upon a common purpose

We need to surface opportunities and ideas which contribute or could contribute to explore, consider, and agree on the urgency, importance, and value of the ideas and opportunities we have to act on, their contribution to our creative interests and common enterprise, and what we can do to creatively leverage our community resources, our community relationships, and our contributions to our common interests and common enterprise

We need to agree upon creative possibilities we want to collaborate around with creative conversation led by creative community leaders who represent the interests, points of view, and ideas of the fifteen communities of place, profession, or position who are involved, benefit from, and are contributing to creating the possibilities we are pursuing. We may be playing a role as individuals but we are collaborating as communities and enterprises

We need to keep one another informed. We need a communication system to keep everyone with an interest in the creative conversation, the ideas being pursued, the events, and the contributions of the enterprise informed

We need a code of behaviour that contributes to creating community and to creative community enterprise that we can hold one another accountable for and help one another learn how to operate beyond integrity in our individual, community, and common human interests.

We need to ask questions. We don’t ask questions. Why don’t we ask questions? To collaborate, we need to ask questions, to come to know, to understand, to appreciate and to consider opportunities and ideas and the contribution and consequence

We need to collaborate with one another to make all this possible which means we need to learn how to collaborate and create systems that give us the ability to collaborate

We need to create a place for creative enterprises contributing to our common purpose and for the communities and community enterprises involved, benefiting from, and contributing to our common enterprise

Collaboration is creative conversation.

The Art of Collaboration