Creating relationships

Creative relationships
Investing in relationships we can contribute to and create.

Our point of view, – how we see things, – is how we imagine our world, how we respond to our world, and how we create our world. Our point of view creates us and them. There may be one or more of us.

Understanding one each other’s point of view and appreciating how we see things differently is the beginning of possibilities for a creative relationship.

Exploring our our different points of view is how we increase our understanding, create connections, and discover new ideas, new relationships, and new possibilities.

When we see the same possibilities and understand and appreciate our differences we create a relationship around our interests and our opportunities to increase our contribution to common interests. A relationship agreement is an agreement to create a relationship.

Our point of view of each other and what we imagine are differences in our point of view are how we observe, explore, and consider opportunities and ideas. Experiences, ideas, and interests we have in common are opportunities to create connections, understanding, and possibilities through our differences.

We create possibilities for creative conversation when we understand each others’ interests and who we are and what we are contributing and creating.

Creating relationships between our ideas, our interests, and our observations is how we learn, how we create, and how we improve our ability to contribute. Contribution creates relationships.