On Appreciation

The experience of appreciation, of love, of caring, is all we ever want from our experience of life. Appreciation is an experience we have in common, an experience that connects us, an experience we can connect with, an experience we are in charge of.

The experience of appreciation is the experience of caring. The behaviour of caring is community behaviour. Community behaviour is how we create a new world. Community behaviour gives us the ability to imagine and create possibilities as a community. Community behaviour gives us the ability to create our experience with one another and for one another as we grow and evolve into who we are and who we like to be as individuals and as communities created by our appreciation for our experience of life as we learn the art of creating appreciation. Consciousness of life as a creative experience is how we learn to create our experience of appreciation.

I have created a place in our digital theatre in appreciation for all those who are contributing to our appreciation of life and to our imagination of the possibilities we can create for one another and with one another to create a better experience of our world and for our life in the future, and who are contributing to improving our ability to create the possibilities we imagine for ourselves and our world. If we have been successful in creating the world as we experience life now, why could we not be successful in creating community around creating a new world and a new way of experiencing our world that contributes to creating a better future for our world and for our community. Where do we want to focus our creative energy, – as individuals, – as communities, – as a community? If we, as a creative community, are defined by a common idea, a common interest, and a common enterprise that we create our experience, we care to create our experience, and we create with our experience, why wouldn’t we want to focus our energy on creating the experience of community?

Scene transitions are where we connect with our appreciation for the experience of our story and for the experience of others contributing to creating our story and our appreciation. Increasing our scene transitions accelerates our ability to learn, to create, and to experience appreciation.