How we can create community

What we can do

  • We can begin by getting to know who is in our community of contributors.
  • We can invite one another to tell our stories about what we are doing and what we care about
  • We can explore what we know as a community, where we have similar points of view, and what we can learn from our different points of view about how things are, and how things work, and how things could be, and where we have common interests and ideas.
  • We can explore for ideas we have community on which could contribute to our common interests, and for opportunities for creative possibilities, creative relationships, creative enterprise, and creative leadership.
  • We can explore how we could increase the size of our community of common interest and the contribution of our community of common enterprise.
  • We can explore the art of creative conversation around our overarching creative interests to find community on the ideas and enterprises which contribute most significantly to our community interests.
  • We can create communication systems to improve our ability to create connections with one another and for one another with community media, – information, ideas, observations, stories, and opportunities which could contribute to our community interests and our creative community enterprise.
  • We can see how this works and explore what works and what we could learn about what contributes to and what militates against our ability to create community and to our ability to increase our contribution to our creative interests as individuals, as communities, and as a community.
  • We can create community learning centres to explore and excite interest in learning the art of creative community enterprise around common human interests and exploring what makes the greatest contribution to creating a future for our community and for our world.
  • We can create opportunities for every enterprise contributing to our community interests to create a place for themselves in the conversation, to tell their story, to contribute their voice and their ideas, and to demonstrate how they are creating community around our community interests and contributing to our creative community enterprise.

Our financial resources

We can create opportunities for large private and publicly owned corporate enterprises who are interested in creating connections and relationships with communities who care about their experience of life and about improving their experience of life to create a place for themselves in the conversation, to tell their story and contribute their voice, their ideas, and their connections.

The creative interest of large corporate enterprises with their financial resources, their communication capabilities, and the connections and relationships they have with the communities they have created around their enterprise, is to increase the size of the community contributing to their profitability and to their sustainability, and to demonstrate how they are contributing to creating community around our common human interests and to our common enterprise in creating a future for our community and a future for our world.

Creative community centres

Salish Sea Community Learning Centre
Centre for Social Responsibility
What We Know About