Leadership Vancouver Story

Why Leadership

Our future depends upon the quality and qualities of our leaders. Everyone is a leader, even if we just lead our own lives. We all make choices. The question is whether we make choices that simply serve our own interests or whether we serve our interests by looking for ways to serve the interests of others. Good leadership demonstrates that we can be more successful by caring about and serving the interests of others.

Good leaders create community by creating environments where people are valued, where people care for one another, and where people pursue their personal interests by serving the interests of others and the common interests of the community.

Good leaders promote the idea of good leadership. It works for them and it works for all of us. Good leadership is promoting the value of good leadership, and the ideas and practices that lead to and create good leadership.

Our brand is what we become known for. We like to become known for our leadership. The people who know us best are the people we serve. They have a relationship with us. They have a voice about their relationship. They have relationships with others.

Our interest is

to make Vancouver known for its leadership in creating community, in creating community enterprises that work, and in creating new ways of doing things.

to assist our leaders in becoming more successful and to engage them in pursuing our common interest of becoming a leadership community in creating community.

to explore ideas, practices and models of enterprises that demonstrate good leadership.

to have community leaders tell stories of how we can significantly change things with good leadership practices and demonstrate the value of good leadership practices to ourselves, to the contributions we make to the interests of others and to the common interests of our community.

to become an incubator for the discussion of leadership practices that work.

to attract and inspire more interest in leadership and good leadership practices.

to create a model that that inspires other leadership organizations with similar interests are inspired to aspire to.

Our future depends on how well we accelerate the rate at which we change things. Taking personal leadership and encouraging others to take personal leadership is a highly leveraged and efficient way to accelerate our rate of change.

Good leaders demonstrate that we can change things by changing how we do things. Good leaders demonstrate that we can change things by creating leadership models that inspire others to aspire to.

Our interest is to create a model that inspires other leadership organizations with similar interests to aspire.

Leadership Vancouver
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What happened

The Leadership Vancouver Story which emerged from a workshop retreat with the 2004 cohort of Leadership Vancouver participants in September 2004. David Holtzman, the Executive Director of Leadership Vancouver, presented the story to his Board of Directors to begin exploring ideas and initiatives which could increase the contribution of the enterprise for the future. He resigned a few months later to join the Canadian Council on Learning.

The final report of the Canadian Council on Learning in 2011, What is the Future of Learning in Canada, states that Canada is slipping down the international learning curve, falling behind competitor countries and economies. The authors attribute this to the failure of governments to work together and to show collective political leadership. David died unexpectedly of a heart attack on April 9, 2012. Leadership Vancouver ceased to operate shortly after David Holtzman resigned.


Leadership Vancouver Story Retreat

What is the Future of Learning in Canada?
Canadian Council on Learning – PDF