Creating a Culture of Community

In Art and Energy: How Culture Changes, Barry Lord observes how all life depends on energy. We can not be who we are without the sources of energy which contribute to our culture. The history of energy has been the history of our culture. The mastery of fire created the culture of the hearth. The culture of domination comes with the efficient energy of slavery. The culture of collective identity brings leadership and differentiation and nations. The culture of production creates discipline. Electrification brings us the culture of transformation and the belief that art can change the world. Renewable energy brings the relatively new culture of stewardship.

Along the way the culture of production brings a culture of anxiety about who we are and what kind of people we have become, and a culture of alienation, and a culture of consumption. Our energy comes from our culture as our energy sources contribute to shaping our culture. We have natural and social sources of energy. Social sources of energy come from the ways we organize ourselves in order to get better, to make more effective use of our energy, to make our energy do more. Cooperation is a social source of energy.

The culture of the hearth contributed to creating conversation, and to creating community, and to coming to know the stories which defined who we are and why we are. We can recreate the culture of the hearth, and create a culture of community, and create new stories in our theatre of the new world, and we can excite our creative energy and ignite new creative enterprise in our theatre of fire to create new possibilities for our community and for the future of our community.

If energy sources come from our culture we can create an unending source of sustainable creative energy from our culture of community. We can organize our creative resources and we can focus our creative energy and excite our creative imagination and our creative enterprise on creating a future for our world as a community.

We can move from a culture of dominance, a culture of consumption, and a culture of collective identity to a culture of community, and from the pursuit of money, power, and celebrity to the pursuit of integrity, contribution, and creativity to create trust, increase appreciation, and excite creative contribution. We have the continuity and contribution of all our cultural influences as we consciously evolve to a culture of community, and to the more effective use of our energy that comes with cooperation, and to the release of the creative energy and creative contribution and creative possibilities that comes from creative community enterprise.

Our culture of community is what makes us human. A culture of caring, of appreciation, and of contribution to our warmth and well-being and experience of community. Our reasons for creating community. We have the opportunity and the ability to evolve into a culture of community fueled by the creative energy we excite from the creative experience.

New Energy for a New World

The first group of energy sources is well known, – fire, wind, wood, coal, oil and gas, and electrification. But the ways in which we organize or reorganize our ability to do work, cooperation, controlled servitude, slavery, serfdom, trade and waged labour, – have also directly affected our energy audit and the values that go with it.

While technological energy sources are the concern of our material cultures, the organization of our work force is a primary question for our social-political cultures. Egalitarian or oppressive, merit based or case determined, it is clear that the values expressed in our social-political culture arise from the ways in which we organize ourselves as a collective source of energy.
Barry Lord
New Energy for a New World


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