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Letter to the Arts Council of Mongolia

Ms. Ariunaa Tserenpil
Executive Director
Arts Council of Mongolia

I came to Mongolia in 2007 when Jack Weatherford received the Polar Star for writing his book, Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World. I offered to explore connections and opportunities for Centre A, the Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art while I was here.

We talked with the Arts Council of Mongolia about the relationships the Council had created with two Canadian dance companies, about creating more connections between Mongolia and Canada, and about the possibility that Mongolia could contribute to the 2010 Cultural Olympiad.

I returned to Canada with a greater appreciation of Mongolian culture, the contributions it has made in the past, and the contributions it could make to our cultural and social development in the future.

I came back to Mongolia in 2008 to spend time with Jack Weatherford, who is completing his next book, The Daughters of Genghis Khan, representing a number of arts, cultural, and educational organizations with an expressed interest or who could benefit from exploring and experiencing and connecting with the opportunities contributed by Mongolian culture. and connecting with the opportunities Mongolia that. possible interest in creating connections Mongolia. Centre A is interested in creating an intercultural encounter in Mongolia in 2009 to create connections and explore opportunities to create relationships.

The recent appointment of a new Canadian Ambassador to Mongolia, the decision to establish a Canadian Embassy in Ulan Bator, and the possibility of connecting this encounter and the ideas and initiatives created to the interests of the 2010 Cultural Olympiad make the timing auspicious.

The Vancouver Chamber Choir will be touring in Japan in 2009. They are interested in including Mongolia on their tour. There is a possibility of creating a presence for Mongolia in Festival Vancouver in 2009. If the Arts Council of Mongolia is interested in exploring these particular opportunities the conversation should begin shortly so arrangements can be agreed by the end of September 2008.

Joanne Louie Mah, a founder and the President of Centre A for the first five years, has created and arranged international cultural experiences for Centre A for artists and patrons. Creating a collaborative intercultural gathering in Mongolia in 2009 will be of particular interest since her cultural heritage is Mongolia. The Haida artist and community leader, Michael Nichol Yahgulanaas, has a similar interest in connecting with his Mongolian roots, as does the current Haida chief Guujauu.

It would be particularly interesting and set a wonderful tone for 2009 if a connection could be created between Jantsonorov and the Vancouver Opera Company and the Vancouver Symphony in time for the 2009 Festival Vancouver season. Both the Vancouver Opera and the Vancouver Symphony are contributors to the program and to creating collaborations to produce extraordinary musical experiences for Festival Vancouver. Intercultural collaboration in creative expression is one of the threads in the events and performances presented by the Cultural Olympiad in 2008. The events presented by the Cultural Olympiad in 2009 are intended to build on this towards the events presented and hosted by the Olympiad in 2010.

Roger Chilton

Invitation from the Arts Council of Mongolia

The people of Mongolia are very pleased that Canada is opening its first embassy in Mongolia and sending its first ambassador. We hope that this will be a new stage in deepening the already positive and important cultural, diplomatic and economic ties between the people of Mongolia and the people of Canada.

Invitation for a Cultural Encounter Mongolia and Canada
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Arts Council of Mongolia

Mongolia has an extremely rich culture, full of skilled and creative people. The country’s talented artists produce work as unique to Mongolia as Mongolia’s cultural heritage is to the world. The Arts Council of Mongolia exists to ensure that the art and culture of Mongolia is sustainably developed, promoted and preserved, and we achieve this by carrying out activities in four program areas: Arts, Community Arts Education, and Cultural Heritage and Development.

The Arts Council of Mongolia believes that art and culture play a crucial role in both the social and economic development of Mongolia. Our program areas and projects reflect this, and we seek to facilitate social change through art as well as encourage economic growth via the sector. We also want to help share Mongolia’s rich and unique artistic culture and heritage with the world.

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