Cultural Encounters with Mongolia

I arrive in Ulan Bator early in the morning and check into the Corporate Hotel. Enkee picks me up at the hotel and we go to Jack Weatherford’s apartment to work up a plan for the ten days I am here.

The next morning I meet with Llakva at Chingis Khan University and we talk about the possibilities of working with Selkirk College, Simon Fraser University, and the University of British Columbia. Llakva says he will bring the educational community together in Mongolia for a conference if we bring a contingent. Perhaps it is called an intercultural conference, creating connections and intercultural contribution culture to culture, rather than government to government or business to business. Intercultural relations and exchange rather than international relations and international trade.

We talk about Native Roots as an active enterprise pursuing a common global interest:

  • creating connections and cooperative enterprise around our common interests in learning from our cultural differences to increase our understanding and appreciation of the value of our different cultural contributions.
  • connecting our contemporary creative expression with our native roots and making the expression of the connection more accessible to excite interest and enhance appreciation.
  • connecting cultural traditions to the modern world for their possibilities for contribution to creating a better future of our world.
  • creating appreciation for the interweaving of our cultures, and for the contribution the interweaving makes to our quality of life, our creativity, and our ideas and ability to create ways of living and ways of doing things that contribute more to all of us and do less harm to all of us.

Notes from My Journal
Mongolia 2008

Possibilities for Intercultural Encounters