My Experience

It is a grey cool day in early June, in the sky I am watching, in the dampness in my skin, and in my mood as I think about my life in the first person. And from the album I put on to lift my heart, Tony Bennett and Barbara Streisand sing a duet of Charlie Chaplin’s Smile as I watch a pink balloon appear out of nowhere and float up into the clouds. This is how I begin my experience. This is my appreciation for my experience, for my imagination, for my consciousness, and for my life. This is my life in the first person. From this moment into the next chapter as these words appear on these pages and I feel my way forward. Tony Bennett and Celine Dion sing If I Ruled the World. I look up the lyrics.

If I ruled the world,
Every day would be the first day of spring,
Every heart would have a new song to sing,
And we’d sing of the joy every morning would bring.

If I ruled the world,
Every man would be as free as a bird,
Every voice would be a voice to be heard,
Take my word we would treasure each day that occurred.

My world would be a beautiful place,
Where we would weave such wonderful dreams.
My world would wear a smile on its face,
Like the man in the moon has when the moon beams.

If I ruled the world,
Every man would say the world was his friend,
There’d be happiness that no man could end,
No my friend, not if I ruled the world.

Every head would be held up high,
There’d be sunshine in everyone’s sky,
If the day ever dawned when I ruled the world

No more doubt or fear.