Creating the story

Creating community is how we create a future for our world

If we are at a tipping point in the evolution of our world we are at a turning point in our creative evolution. Our ability to create a future for our world and a future for ourselves lies in our ability to accelerate our creative and cultural evolution and create our future as a community.

My point of view

This story is about how I see things. This is my point of view. How I got here, what I learned, and how my ideas evolved is the story of my creative journey so far.  What I am doing is imagining possibilities and exploring ideas about what we could do and how we could create community around ideas and opportunities for creative community enterprise that contribute to our common human interests.

Life is a creative experience. We create our experience and our experience creates us. Where I am going is wherever my creative experience takes me. I am creating with my experience. And with my ideas. And with the opportunities I see as they appear.

Information is our greatest resource

We have a formidable task. How to organize what we know about how things are, and how we are, and how things work, and what works, and where we are, and how we can create community around what we know, and around experiences we have in common, and around our common human interests, and around our imagination about how things could be and how things could work, and around opportunities and ideas about what we could do to improve our ability to create possibilities for our future and the future of our world. From my point of view.

We create community with communication

I am creating my story. We are creating our story. I am imagining a story we can create as a community. We create connections around common experiences, common interests, and common ideas. We contribute to how we see and feel and think about things with our creative expression. We excite interest with  stories, information, and observations. We excite enterprise with imagination, ideas, and opportunities. We create community with communications. We communicate with what we say and do and how we say and do things. Our media for creating community. our community media.

Creating our community

I am imagining we could create create our story as a community. I am imagining we could create community and excite creative community enterprise around our common interest in creating possibilities for our future, around the idea of accelerating our creative and cultural evolution as a community by accelerating our ability to create connections with and for one another, and around the idea of improving our ability to create with our experience as a community.

Everyone I have come to know along the way contributed knowingly or unknowingly to my imagination, to my ideas, and to creating this story about creating a future for our world. I am creating the story as I imagine we could create the story as a community. The story continues.

Creating the Story

If we want to create the story as a community, – if we wanted to create a world that works for everyone, where would we begin the story and how would we begin the story?


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