The Power of Choice

I feel I am in a race against time as I explore what I can do to move this story forward. What I am doing is creating connections with ideas I think could contribute to creating the possibilities I imagine we can create for ourselves, for others, and for our future. What I have learned from my experience is my greatest resource.

Our ideas about how things are, how we are, how things work, how things could be and what could work are the source of our power.

However it is only when we do something with our power that we wield power, and only when we choose to do nothing that we yield to power. We create our story, our experience of life, our enterprise, and our contributions with our power of choice, – with the choices we make about the experiences we want to create for ourselves, for others, and for the future of our community.

Ideas are what we think with. Creating connections with ideas is how we think and how we discover new ideas. Creative connections change the way we see, think, and feel about our world and our experience of life. New experiences excite new ideas. Conscious creative exploration of our experience excites new connections and new ideas. New connections and new ideas are how we learn. Accelerating our ability to create connections accelerates our ability to learn, our ability to create possibilities we imagine, and our ability to evolve.

Our overarching common interest as individuals, as communities, and as a community is to increase our knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of our world to improve our ability to create a better world that works for everyone and to create better possibilities for the future of our world.

I am exploring and creating connections with ideas to excite creative connections, – connections that excite new insights, new ideas, new imagination, new inspiration, new interests, and new initiatives around what we can do to accelerate our creative and cultural evolution and create a new world that works in our common interests as individuals, as communities, ans as a community and improves our ability to create a better future for our world, – our common human interest.

Creating connections could begin by exploring the idea of power and the power of ideas to improve our ability to create possibilities for our future.