The Opening

I am probably at my lowest ebb. I have nobody to do this for and nobody to do it with. I am not even sure it is worth doing. I am losing my interest, my confidence, and my ability to work. I am sensitive to irritation and to irritating others. I am irritable. It is not apparent to others. I am possibly quieter, less affable, going through the motions of being social. I can only hope I am going to find a breakthrough. I am apprehensive about my next move because it has to work for me, which means it can’t be work for me. I have to finish the opening.

The opening needs to open onto something, – perhaps to the original opening of quantum ideas as a creative hypothesis, and then, – right onto the stage with connections to creating the story in each communications centre, and to starting with why and other beginnings, and to my story as experiences, as point of view, as ideas about how things are, how things work, and what I think could work and what we can do. They are the questions we all want to explore together if we are going to create community in an understanding, appreciative, and caring way, which is the only way we are going to be successful.

I am anxious to get going. I am short of time and we are short of time. There is nothing to hold back and there is a lot to add to the set on the stage, the players and what they are doing, the contributions to be explored with intent for connections to our interests, for possibilities to imagine, for opportunities to create, and for ideas that contribute or could contribute to exciting our interest, our enterprise, and our contribution to improving our ability to create community and care for our communities in real life.