Positioning Canada for 2030

January has passed with mixed emotions about my progress, my abilities, my possibilities, and about what I am doing and what I am focusing my interests on. I feel tired, – physically and emotionally. I am in good health, I have all the resources I need, wonderful people around me, and lots to do. My social life is most enjoyable. I have a lot to look forward to, and I am free to do whatever I want. There is a great malaise everywhere in the world and many unhappy people marginalized by their circumstances, institutions that are not working, enormous inequities, and people in positions of power with dominion over our resources, our system, and our future.

I attend a talk at the Centre for Dialogue by Elissa Golberg from Global Affairs Canada on Positioning Canada for 2030 in a world of Dynamic Change who gave a wonderful articulation of where we are now and the opportunities we have in front of us as a country and a culture to contribute to creating better possibilities for our future. I think this is why I feel so challenged now with my ideas about what we can do, because if my ideas have value, and the hypothesis that we can create stories as communities and as a community is possible, I should be able to demonstrate the hypothesis. I have no reason to feel any confidence in my ability to make this happen. I am confident we can do this as a community of creative leaders, entrepreneurs, and contributors. I am confident we can create new institutions, new systems, new ways of doing things, and a new world rooted in a culture of community, in a foundation of knowledge and ideas and interests we have in common, and in rules for the road we can agree to operate with.

Looking out to 2030, we can be quite certain that the disruptions being experienced by the global system – to established relationships, approaches and institutions – will persist. And while there is no doubt this poses important challenges for countries like Canada, there are also opportunities, especially to innovate on global policy, including in establishing new partnerships. Successfully navigating this new normal of ambiguity and uncertainty will require Canada to be at once a convenor, connector and catalyst, and both citizens and government have roles to play.


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Positioning Canada for 2030 in a World of Dynamic Change