What I see is we are leaving decisions about the future of our world in the hands of a very small number of people, and allowing a very small number of people to make decisions which do harm to our common interests and our creative possibilities for our future.

We have a large community of people and enterprises who are contributing to creating possibilities for the future of our world who are looking for ways to increase their contribution.

We are having too many conversations which benefit only the few in the room and leaving too many conversations with ideas left in the room.

We are focusing our attention, our resources, and our enterprise on changing the way we are doing things when we could be far more successful by focusing our attention, resources and enterprise on creating new ways of doing things and new ways of creating the possibilities we imagine for ourselves.

What I see is we have the opportunity, the ability, and the reasons to create community around our common human interests and the interests we have in common and excite creative community enterprise around ideas and opportunities which contribute to creating communities without borders so we can create a better future for our community and our world.

What I see

We are at a turning point
Positive change is possible
It will take leadership
I am a Canadian
We need to create new ideas
We have the opportunity