Merry Christmas Everyone

And a Happy New Year for 2019

2019 has been declared The Year of the Party and in the absence of finding a more creative way of celebrating this Christmas and the beginning of the new year and in appreciation for the joy and love you all bring to my life as my family I would like to invite you all to a Garden Party on Pender Island for the Victoria Day weekend. There will be games of skill and chance, party favours, and creative experiences.

It will also be bluebell season and we are expecting to see the woodland floor covered with bluebells from the 450 bulbs planted this fall in preparation for this extravaganza of fun and frolic. There will be prizes for the lucky winners of games of skill and chance, including a prize for the closest guess of how many bluebells survive to carpet the forest floor in this first year of the bluebell.

This what a bluebell looks like

Bluebells flower between mid-April and late May. This early flowering makes the most of the sunlight that reaches the woodland floor before the full woodland canopy casts its shade. Millions of bulbs may grow closely together in one wood, creating one of nature’s most stunning displays.

The Woodlands Trust

This is what the woodland looks like now.

Entries with your guess of the number of bluebells must be received before April 15th to be eligible but all other games of chance and skill, from bocce ball to lawn croquet to backgammon, can be entered on the weekend of the Garden Party. There will be trails to explore and create for those who have an interest in forest gardening and the opportunity to design and develop a disc golf course to challenge the most intrepid frisbee aficionados. All contest winners will be rewarded with appropriate prizes.

I do hope you will all be able to come for the opening party of the summer season. It will be wonderful to have you all there for the inaugural year of the party come rain or come shine.

I love you all.