Entire Road Map to Life

One; The secret to life is to engage with ‘how do I make things a little better’

Two; Invest in the present, not in the future

Three; It is what to do rather than what not to do.

Four; What life offers; we can pursue ourselves and what we are interested in our interests in life and how we pursue it and have your reason.

Five; I am doing this to learn and invest in my future so I can live life to its fullest.

Knowledge is power and self knowledge is joy

The third mind; Two minds together fixing ideas and creating new ones

Third point;

Top; to create an experience, create ‘experiencing’ joy.

We do it through appreciative observation, appreciative inquiry, and appreciative consideration of the experience, of the contribution, and of the opportunity.


Why we do all this. –

Why; to create and experience joy because we experience joy when we create joy and we create joy when we contribute to the experience of others.

The greatest gift you can give is a memory

1. Play the cards you’re dealt with
2. Live to your own standards
3. Make good choices



The Road Map to Life – PDF