Emma LeBlond

Happy 25th Birthday Emma, my first grandchild with the widest smile. I want to tell you how much I love and care about you for so many reasons of appreciation and respect and contribution. I am mindful of time and I value any opportunity to talk with you and enjoy your own sense of appreciation, and caring, and interest in living well and doing well and contributing to the interests of others.

I cannot imagine anything more delightful than spending a couple of days together. I would like to tell you what I feel and what I think and what I am doing, – how I see, think, and feel about my experience of life, – in case it might contribute to your interests and how you see, think, and feel, and what you want to do, and can do, and can choose to do now you are setting out on the next quarter century of your life.

So, in celebration of your coming of age and your ability to rent a car I would like to fly you over to Pender for two days to spend some time together in a way we have never done before. All expenses paid on Seair from terminal two with me at the dock when you arrive. Fully hosted of course. Just bring your sunglasses.

It is time. Any two days between August 9th and 13th would be perfect if you have the time and can make it happen. This is for fun and appreciation.

Love you