2016 The Beginning

For some time I have been creating the story I am about to tell, beginning with where I am now, how I got here, and how I see things from my point of view. I am telling the story as a creative installation, exploring the idea of the creative hypothesis, – a creative story, – a story to create, – and connecting digital media around ideas about what we can do and opportunities for creative community enterprise.

A creative story, – a story that excites creative connections, – new insights, new ideas, new imagination, new inspiration, new initiative, – connections that change the way we see, think, and feel, and what we choose to do and how we choose to be.

A creative story, – a story we create, – excited by our imagination and our interests, – we create our story as we respond to the ideas and opportunities excited by our creative connections with our experience, – our serendipity, – as our story opens up new paths.

A creative story, – as we explore our experience, consciously and appreciatively, for ideas to consider and make choices with, – and ideas about how things are, and how things work, and what we know, and what we care about, and what we can do to create our story, and our enterprise, and our experience of life.

And if we imagine a creative story as a community, – as a possibility we can create together, – and if we care to create, – we can enjoy the experience of creative community enterprise and our appreciation for the creative experience of life.

Roger Chilton

Creative Community Enterprise
Creating Our Community
Creating Community with Opportunities
Exploring the Creative Experience

A beginning