How would I decide upon a career

If I were setting out on my career today or deciding to change my career now this would be my criteria. Doing something I enjoy doing. Doing something I am good at and that I feel I could be successful doing. Doing something that would give me the opportunity to keep learning, that would be stimulating and fun, that would give me variety, that would give me interesting people to work with and learn from, that would give me the freedom, ability, and opportunity to take initiative, and that could open up limitless possibilities.

What I would also do is look for a career in an area where there will always be a need. Careers contributing to maintaining and improving the quality of life of others and helping others become more successful for example. Careers built around basic services such as food, shelter, and health care rather than non-essential things. Careers built around finding solutions to problems and issues of common concern. Finding out why we behave the way we do. Finding better ways of working with one another. Finding how we could eliminate violence and how we could care for others better, particularly our children and our elders. And finding how we reduce inequities, how we celebrate and enjoy our differences, and how we care better for our environment.

from Blueprint for the Future