A New Beginning

When I started on this journey I had no idea where it was taking me, or how long it would take, or what would happen. This is where I am now and this is what I am doing. I am doing what I think we can do as individuals, as enterprises, as communities, and as a community that cares about our future, – the future of the communities we are part of, benefit from, and contribute to creating, – and the future of the world we share with one another.

I am telling my story and imagining the stories we can create as communities of common interest and common enterprise. I am doing this in the form of a creative installation, a theatre, where we can explore, imagine, create connections, create a place for ourselves, create community around interests we have in common, and create stories around ideas and opportunities for creative community enterprise in our real world.

There are many beginnings and there will be many more. This is a new beginning. I have been making some notes for a new beginning. These are my working papers. These are my random notes as I prepare to tell my story and what happens in my story as I move forward.

The theatre is designed to excite creative experiences and creative exploration for information, for observations, for stories, for ideas, for connections, for opportunities.

The first level of community involvement. An opportunity for our communities, the communities we are part of, care about, and contribute to creating and our communities of common interest and common enterprise to explore for creative connections.

I am going to create connections as I work my way through my notes and as I make notes. I am organizing my ideas and the ideas I am organizing with. The media are experiences and ideas, experiences which create connections and ideas which excite creative connections and the creative experience, – a new way of seeing, and thinking, and feeling about the world, and new ideas, imagination, and inspiration to create possibilities.

I am connecting media through the studio system and into the theatre I am creating. I am creating opportunities for contributors to explore for ideas and opportunities create a place for themselves, participate in the conversation and play a part in creating our community and our creative enterprise.


Notes for a New Beginning