2019 Our Overarching Creative Interests

  • Restoring Our Environment
    Most urgent, important, difficult
  • Creating an Environment of Caring
    Most important, most possible, highest return
  • Increasing Our Knowledge, Understanding, and Appreciation of Our World
    Most exciting, most rewarding, most contributive
  • Creating a Future for Our Learning Resources
    Most possible, most creative, most important
  • Learning How to Create with Our Experience
    Most universal, most important, most urgent, most contributive
  • Creating Our Systems
    Most important, moat difficult, most creative
  • Making Deliberative Democracy Possible
    Most possible, most important, most leveraged
  • Creating Communities without Borders
    Most possible, most important, most urgent
  • Accelerating Our Creative and Cultural Evolution
    Most exciting, most universal, most possible
  • Exciting Creative Community Enterprise
    Most exciting, most creative, most contributive

Community – most contribution for investment
Communication – most highly leveraged investment