From the social media revolution to the community media evolution and the evolution of community.

Integrity creates trust. Contribution creates relationships. Conscious appreciation excites creative enterprise. Common interests excite creative conversation. Stories create connections.

We communicate with what we say and do and how we say and do things. Common enterprise creates community. Community media excites creative community enterprise. Our common human interest is to accelerate our creative and cultural evolution. Our evolution lies in imagining and creating possibilities.

The art of creating possibilities is the art of exploring what is possible. What we can do. Our ability to create possibilities lies in our ability to learn, our ability to create, and our ability to evolve, – as individuals, as communities, and as a community. We can accelerate our ability to learn, our ability to create, and our ability to evolve by accelerating our ability to create connections.

This is the way I see, think, and feel about my experience of our world from my point of view and this is what I think we can do with our different experiences, our different points of view, our different cultures, our different ideas, our different abilities, and our different creative interests and creative enterprise.

My Story