Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics

The doorway story
The creative story and connections
The opportunities created and opportunities to create

A creative story

A creative story is a story that excites creative exploration and creative conversation about what we can do and how we can do things which could contribute to and increase our contribution to creating the story

What can we do to excite interest in:

Citizenship responsibility

What we can do to excite investment in:

Creating a future for our natural resources
Exciting people to explore the creative experience
Exciting creative exploration of the art of creating possibilities, – the art of creative enterprise
Increasing the contribution of our indigenous cultures to our knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of our world

What I am doing

I am creating connections for a community with the overarching interests of creating a world for our future to create a future for our world

I am creating connections for a community demonstrating community behaviour by making a contribution and by exciting contribution

I am connecting community enterprises contributing to our creative interests with opportunities to create connections with and for communities of common interest and common enterprise

I am connecting some interesting ideas.

How I am doing

I am exploring my working papers, – my observations, my ideas, my thinking from exploring my experience, and the opportunities I see for creative conversation and community enterprise.

I am testing the hypothesis.

I will continue to explore and create the story I imagine we can create as ideas, opportunities, and interest present themselves.

Why I am doing

I feel and think the experience we have in common is the experience of humanity, the experience of appreciation for our experience, our experience of caring about our experience, our experience of caring about the experience of others.

Caring about the experience of others and contributing to creating the experience of appreciation contributes to my appreciation for my creative experience.

Appreciation for our consciousness of our creative experience of life, for our ability to create our experience, for our ability to contribute to our experience of one another, and for our experience of creating our lives and our world with one another

I am doing this for the creative challenge. It is what we live for. It is why we live.

My observations
Telling our story is how we create our story, – knowingly or unknowingly

Being conscious of being part of the creative experience improves our ability to explore and create with our experience

Increasing our consciousness of our experience and of our part in creating our experience improves our ability to create with our experience

The biggest barrier to living our life to our own expectations is living our life to the expectations instead of the interests of others

Government cannot create deliberative democracy. Government can only create an environment to make deliberative democracy possible.

We are living in a community and in communities where there is nowhere to hide

Fear militates against our ability to experience empathy, connectedness, appreciation, and community, – fear and resistance to learning. The power of learning is the power that comes from our ability to overcome our experience of loss, failure, and hurt and overcome our fear of loss, failure, and hurt.

It is always a question of what we think is important, – what we really value, what we really care about, – not what we are told or expected to care about.

Point of view – Exploring why
Why do you teach? What do you teach? Why learn what you teach?
What do you want to learn? What do we want to learn?

Opportunities to learn
Opportunities to learn in Canada, about Canada, and with Canada

Exploring the idea of Canada
What are the ideas that contribute to and define the idea of Canada?
Exploring the idea of Canada as a caring community, – If we care about our country, our culture, our future, what do we care about in our world and what kind of world do we want to create?
Exploring the idea of Canada as an inclusive community

Exploring our creative interests as a country
Exploring our 15 overarching creative interests and our 150 overarching opportunities for creative enterprise excited by the idea of Canada as a community
Exploring the top 10 creative interests from the different communities of common interest and common enterprise contributing to our common ideas about Canada, our interests as a community, and our common human interests

Exploring the creative experience
Creating community with music as a creative experience


Opportunities for creative stories
Where there is trust in the story and the contribution of the enterprise

Opportunities for creative contributors
For representatives of enterprises demonstrating trust, community behaviour, and contribution, exciting appreciation, and creating community

Opportunities to explore
Why we resist opportunities to act on ideas that work in our creative interests?
Why do we create the fourth wall?
Why community behaviour? Why do we want to be open to ourselves, open about ourselves, and open to our experience?

Opportunities for conversation
How do the Juno awards relate to Canadian culture?

Creating the Story
Quantum Ideas is the stage for my point of view, for my imagination about what we can create, and for my ideas about what we can do. My point of view is what I see, what I think, and how I feel about my experience of the world. My point of view creates my imagination of how the world is and how the world works and what works in creating our world. My point of view creates my world.

Quantum Ideas is the stage for exploring the interests and ideas we have in common and imagining the possibilities and stories we can create. We need to know the ideas we value and appreciate and the standards and expectations, the ideas that contribute to and how we connect with who we are and who we care to be and how we care to live our lives.

Creating a new world – What works

Amplifying what is working