What we are creating

We are creating a new art form. Our new art form is theatre of a new world, – creating a new world

Theatre of a new world is an art form that contributes to our creative journey, – to our ability to create possibilities for ourselves for our future, – to our ability to create connections and community around our common human interests, – and to exciting creative conversation and creative contribution to improve our ability to increase the contribution of our resources, – to improve our ability to learn, create, and communicate, – and to excite imagination, interest, and investment around ideas and opportunities for creative community enterprise.

We create with our imagination, – our imagination of how things are, – our imagination of how things could be, – and our imagination about what we could do to create possibilities for a new world.

We create with the power of our ideas, the power of our creative expression, and the power of the creative energy we excite in our pursuit of creating possibilities for ourselves, for our communities, and for our future.