2017 Creating the Story

Raising the Curtain

In 1967 we celebrated our 100 years as a country by inviting the world to a global exposition, – to explore the creative contributions of 62 counties from around the world. In 2017, we could celebrate our 150 years by inviting the world to a global experience, – to explore the cultural history and creative evolution of a country of communities without borders, – and our imagination as a community of the possibilities for a creative world.
Creative Canada 2017

Why I am doing this

I feel fortunate to be Canadian. I am pleased to be part of our culture and to contribute to our culture. I like who we are, how we like to be, and how we feel about things. We appreciate Canada. We appreciate being Canadians. And we appreciate the quality of life we have and aspire to. And we want it for others.
I am a Canadian

Canada’s Voice Matters

At a time when uncertainty dominates world affairs, Canada gives assurances to the hemisphere. It is reinforcing its commitment to multilateralism and openness and diversity, and it recognizes that future growth and prosperity does not lie with exclusion and isolation, it lies with inclusive policies, pluralism and greater integration. For these reasons and more, Canada’s voice is essential.
Luis Almagro
Secretary General of the Organization of American States, 2016.12.15
Canada Cares

Focusing on the future

“Failure to think about how climate change might impact our globally interconnected system
is a failure of imagination”
Creating Our Recovery Systems

My point of view

People who are informed, valued, and cared for on an individual basis, who have an opportunity to contribute their views and concerns, and who benefit in tangible and intangible ways as a result of their involvement, will continue, and perhaps increase their support.
The Future for the Third Sector

Creative Vancouver

Collaboration is the creative exploration of ideas to create new things, new ways of doing things, and new enterprises. Collaboration is learning from the ideas and experience of other cultures. This is the world of the arts. We are a city of arts and cultures. If our interest is to attract and create more, this is what we can do.
Creating a Centre for the Arts

Creating Connections with Ideas

The theatre especially exemplifies the democratic free market in that interactions between playgoer and presenter, between consumer and purveyor, are immediate, unfettered, not subject to regulation, – interactions do not require verification by third parties, – the seller need not explain why he has presented this particular good, – the buyer why he has chosen or rejected it.
Theatre and Ideas


Science and Ideas

Our one real opportunity is to use the certain knowledge of ever-increasing systemic equilibrium to build a model for an equitable and sustainable future. The mass distribution of knowledge and access to information through the World Wide Web is our civilization’s signal achievement. Societies that adopt innovative, predictive, and adaptive models designed around significant, ongoing redistribution of global resources will be most likely to survive in the future.
Systemic Equilibrium

How can we use design thinking to change the way we think? Good design typically begins with some principles and functional objectives. You might wish to perceive and absorb information effectively, concentrate, remember, infer meaning, be creative, write, speak, and communicate well, and enjoy important collaborations and human relationships. How could we design our use of or abstinence from media to achieve these goals?
Designing your mind

Much creativity emerges from constraint satisfaction. Creativity can also emerge when you decide to change, exclude, or add a constraint. Perhaps, paradoxically, adding constraints can actually enhance creativity, – if a task is too open or unstructured, it may be so unconstrained that it’s difficult to devise any solution
Constraint Satisfaction


Over 50 years ago, Canada pledged itself to a world that was free from hunger, free from want, with enough food for all. Canada’s Action Plan for Food Security is a symbol of our dedication to that commitment, and to the people of the world. I invite all of our partners around the world to join us in ending hunger and achieving food security for all.
The Right Honourable Jean Chrétien
Prime Minister of Canada
In response to the World Food Summit Plan of Action

Creating our Food Systems