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 City Age
City Age TV

Our Next Edge
December 1st, 2014

The Data Age presents us with a new approach to build the economy and the country. Data, and the systems around it, are revolutionizing key sectors of the economy.

The fifth edition of The Data Effect – held in partnership with the Business Council of BC – will look at how data stands to be a key tool to build BC – and Canada’s – competitive advantage in the global economy. The event will lay out the practical steps required to ensure BC’s global strengths in health care research and delivery can improve outcomes, create jobs and build the economy.

To date, more than 1,000 leaders from across Canada and abroad have attended The Data Effect. In September, we will gather a select audience from government, business, research and the investment community to map out the partnerships, policies and ideas that can make Canada a leader in the data age.

Our goal in The Data Effect series is to continue a campaign that is profiling the new partnerships, businesses and ideas that can make data and advanced analytics an engine of economic growth and innovation for British Columbians and Canadians.

For more information contact Miro or Marc at CityAge:

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Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics
Exploring ethics in our human endeavour
Propelling Social Ventures Conference 2013
Increasing the contribution of social ventures
ISIS Research Centre – UBC Sauder School of Business
Advancing Social Innovation and Sustainablity
Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub
Propelling Social Entrepreneurship in British Columbia
TED Talks
Ideas worth spreading

Be the Change Earth Alliance
Be the Change Earth Alliance is a Canadian charitable organization founded in 2005 focused developing a citizen engagement program to support environmental, social, and personal behaviour changes in community, the workplace, and in schools to empower people of all ages to support and inspire one another in adopting sustainable lifestyles and creating healthy, thriving communities.

Creating a global medical imaging network – Chris Hancock from Be the Change – OneStory video
December 2, 2013

One Story

Go Direct Media
All I know is just what I read in the newspapers
Will Rogers

Media Smarts

MediaSmarts is a Canadian not-for-profit charitable organization for digital and media literacy. Our vision is that children and youth have the critical thinking skills to engage with media as active and informed digital citizens. We develop and deliver high-quality Canadian-based digital and media literacy resources; provide leadership in advancing digital and media literacy in Canadian schools, homes and communities; and contribute to the development of informed public policy on issues related to the media.
Media Smarts

Creative entrepreneurs

Venture for America

Creative partners

Creative contributors

Creative community enterprises

Creative community contributors
Foundations and government enterprises investing in creating community and contributing to our creative and cultural evolution as a community

Creative business contributors

Creative corporate contributors

Creating connections with opportunities

D-Link – building networks for people

creating connections with ideas

Creative community connectors

creating connections and possibilities
Canadian Conference of the Arts

SFU School of Contemporary Art

Is one voice enough to speak for Canada’s first nations?


National Reading Campaign

The Indian Group of Seven
Native Art in Canada

The City of Vancouver wants to hit the brakes on Kinder Morgan’s application for an expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline until its concerns are addressed. ” Our findings were that a major spill would be catastrophic to our environment, our economy, and our international reputation. They do not consider health impacts from the spill” A twinned Kinder Morgan pipeline would triple the amount of diluted bitumen transported from the Alberta tarsands to the Lower Mainland, increasing the number of oil tankers moving through Burrard Inlet from some 60 ships per year to more than 400.
Source: City pokes holes in pipeline proposal – Travis Lupick – Georgia Strait May 15, 2014
Keep an eye on tanker traffic

Studio Notes – Worts on museums


Terri Galligos –

Hinterland Who’s Who –
Hinterland 50th Anniversary Video Contest –

Jump Math –

Since 1963, Hinterland Who’s Who has proudly been bringing Canada’s iconic wildlife directly into your homes. In 2013, we’ll be celebrating and we want you to celebrate too!
Be part of our 50th anniversary by participating in the “Canada’s Favourite Wildlife” video contest! Send us a short video of you introducing us to your favourite Canadian species and telling us why it’s your top choice. You could win an amazing Canadian wildlife adventure trip for two. The subject of your winning entry could even be featured in our next Hinterland Who’s Who public service announcement!

In 2013, stay tuned for more Anniversary activities! For more information and to submit your short video entry, visit

With your participation, the Hinterland Who’s Who 50th Anniversary is sure to be a great success!

Meet the Dancers – Ballet BC

Ballet BC Up is a young patrons group of urban professionals aged 21 to 45 who are interested in exploring ballet and creating a meaningful relationship with your premier contemporary ballet company, Ballet BC. You’ll be amongst a unique social circle that’s first of its kind for the performing arts in Vancouver and comprised of like-minded individuals who are passionate about dance. Join Ballet BC Up to experience a world of cutting-edge contemporary ballet like never before.
Ballet BC Up

Launch of Ballet BC Up

Create a place for yourself in the community and on the stage in our theatre of a new world and our theatre for a new world

UBC – Place and promise – – –

How to get local –
Why get local –
Farm folk –

Trent Aboriginal Cultural Knowledge and Science Initiative –

Ad Nation News – Terms of use –

Bill Maher –

Leo Koo Gallery –

Generosity leads to evolutionary success

Global College Network –

Where we are now

From thinkers
Thoughts from Within – Woody Harrelson
Culture in Decline
Poverty of the Spirit
Money:What is it really?

Creating our systems
Building a Community Land Ethic

Creating Connections with Music – Sound Cloud
Relationship between sound and visual

Grandview Woodland Area Council
Grandview Heritage Group
Grandview Woodland Community Plan

Vancouver Art Gallery Future

Lyoness Cashback Loyalty Program
Lyoness Corporate Worldwide

Alive in Joburg
District 9
District 9 and Vancouver Film School
Vancouver Film School – Results Matter

Community Health
House of Numbers

Utopia/Dystopia – Creating the world we want

Orphan Drugs
Cure for Cancer
Cancer: The Forbidden Cures

Films for Action –

Community media

If it doesn’t connect with our interests we are not interested. If it isn’t interesting we are not interested. If we don’t have an experience, we are not interested. If it doesn’t contribute to our interests we are not interested. If it doesn’t excite our imagination or our ideas we are not interested. If there is nothing we can do we will do nothing. If there is something we could do that would contribute to our interests, our experience, and our enterprise, we could do something if we have the the resources, and the freedom, and the care. If it connects some dots for us we are interested.

Who would like to contribute dots, to connect the dots, to contribute to creating dots, to create connections for their enterprise, and to create possibilities for our community?

Shopping for media buys

Creating community with the I care community

Connecting with ideas

Inspirational ideas, designs, and concepts
Catarina Yamamoto aka A_Flama. I’m a Brazilian (and a little Japanese) from Recife current living in the US. I’m a senior front-end developer curious about graphic design, innovation technology, accessibility, usability, web standards and user-centered design.


Connecting the dots

As a story evolves:

Canadian Music Community

The Canadian League of Composers
Salish Sea
Salmon research project to focus on Salish Sea
Return of industry threatens renewal of Howe Sound’s marine ecosystem

Blue Future: Water activist Maude Barlow’s most comprehensive book yet

Community Health
B.C. not doing enough to curb risks of gambling, study says

City Opera

Home is community – film

What is working

Dirty Wars

A Liter of Light

Converting plastic into oil

How the oceans can clean themselves

Overlooked alternatives

How we could clean the oceans – Film

 Creative Vancouver

We are going to restrain our creativity and focus our attention

Garth Lenz – Tar Sands

George Herbert Mead – Mind, Self, and Society – Symbolic interactionism –

BAIKAL ICE live sound –

VITAL SPARK theatre was formed in Vancouver in 2002. It is dedicated to breathing fresh life into the old; shining lights in dark corners; and giving voice to the unheard and the forgotten of B.C. history. – an online community for everyone who participates in live events

Dakshina Chitra, Chennai, India

Institute for Khmer Traditional

Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association

The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association represents 8,000 businesses, property owners, and tenants within the 90-block area in the heart of Vancouver’s cosmopolitan business district. As a non-profit organization funded by our business members, we work closely with stakeholders and partners to ensure downtown Vancouver provides an enriched urban experience that can’t be matched.

We focus our efforts in the areas of safety and security, advocacy, access and mobility, and place making and marketing. In particular, the DVBIA sponsors more than 25 festivals and events, such as the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, that bring and keep people in our downtown.

The Gold Art Foundation
Art is the gold of the new world. Exploring the art of creating and the expression of our creativity. Creating the artists voice.

Films for Action

Can’t be Neutral on a Moving Train
The Evilness of Power

Think Vancouver –


The American Institute of Indian Studies

The American Institute of Indian Studies is a consortium of leading colleges and universities in the United States. For more than 40 years the Institute has provided fellowship support for post doctoral and PhD candidates in the U.S.

The AIIS has been recognized as an educational institution in India in its own right and been granted special privileges with regard to programs that bring undergraduates to India.

Over 6000 scholars have received support for research in a wide variety of fields in the social sciences, natural sciences, the humanities, the fine and performing arts. The AIIS has organised numerous conferences that enabled  American and Indian scholars to meet. The Institute has two world research centres, – the Archives and Research Centre for Ethnomusicology and the Centre for Art and Archaeology

The American Institute of Indian Studies

The Archives and Research Centre for Ethnomusicology

The Archives and Research Centre for Ethnomusicology was established in 1982 by the American Institute of Indian Studies with the aim of developing a centralized archive of collections of music and the performing arts and to stimulate the study of ethnomusicology in India.

A major objective for establishing the Centre was that collections of Indian music and other oral traditions are scattered throughout the world in personal and institutional collections and not accessible in India.

Today the Centre has an archive of 25,000 hours of audiovisual recordings of the music and performance traditions of India with a supporting library and facilities for reference and research. At the core of the archives are field recording collections deposited voluntarily by scholars and collectors. The collections are supplemented with detailed documentation and a library of 10,000 books, journals, offprints and newspaper cuttings relevant to the study of ethnomusicology in India. The archives and library are accessible to researchers and interested individuals and institutions.

India Studies –

Council of American Overseas Research Centres


Composer –


The power of music to connect cultural diaspora, to contribute to creating connections and community within and between cultures, to excite new creative expression and new creative connections, and to contribute to our creative and cultural evolution, – and to our appreciation for our common experiences of life, – what we find in duende, – the empathy we feel and express at the foundation of our experience of appreciation and connectedness, – our caring and love for our experience of life and for one another.

Passione is recognized as a film of cultural value by the Italian Ministry of Culture

“A beautifully structured and photographed film, John Turturro’s rapturous Passione offers a vibrant exploration and celebration of Neapolitan music in all its grit and glory, presenting 23 musical numbers that encompass a millennium’s worth of influences.

Turturro observes that Naples has been invaded by Arabs, Normans, France, Spain and the U.S. and points out that it has survived volcanic eruptions, wars, crime, poverty and neglect. For Turturro the place and the music are one, and he embraces both with love and respect.

Neapolitan music is all-encompassing in subject matter. There is a sly, acrid take on the World War II-era pop tune “Pistol Packin’ Mama”; the gaunt, tattooed Pietra Montecorvino sings defiantly of a prostitute’s life, and later of a mother losing track of her child during a Feast of San Gennaro celebration. A Tunisian émigré to Italy, M’Barka Ben Talib sings a molten “O Sole Mio” to a calypso-like beat. It’s like hearing the old standard for the first time.

In Naples, Turturro has certainly found what he says James Brown called a “hot spot” for music.” Kenneth Turan, LA Times

Source: Vancouver International Film Centre –

Trailer –

Soaring from poverty all the way to ecstasy –

The Globe and Mail: Hot Ticket: Vancouver Italian Film Festival

Community Connections

Creative Connections

Concept Connections

Context Connections

Di Chaang Coffee – beyond fair trade

doichaangcoffeeA decade ago, the Akha hilltribe of Northern Thailand united to form a cooperative which owns and operates its own facilities, covering all aspects of production and processing to ensure only the best coffee is sold.

The beans you are about to enjoy were handpicked by the Akha Hilltribe, 50% owners of Doi Chang Coffee Company. As owners they were gifted a 50% share of the Canadian company, receive a premium on top of fair trade prices, and above it all, receive 50% of all profit from the sales of Doi Chaang Coffee

Doi Chaang Coffee Co. roasts the finest organic and fair trade coffee in Vancouver, British Columbia. Grown in Thailand. Roasted in Canada.

The Year in Theatre – Globe and Mail

The 100 Resilient Cities Centennial Challenge

Hiking in Torres del Paine: The Ultimate Music Playlist!

Discover Chile through film, music and photos

Visit the Highlights of Chile… Through Movies!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, you can just imagine the impact of film. But sitting down to a subtitled movie can be daunting and requires a lot of effort. Fortunately for us, Chile pops up in many English-language movies too, sometimes in unexpected places. Whether playing themselves, posing as other places in the world, or representing an entirely fictional location. Here’s our list of the top 5!

Quantum of Solace: The Atacama Desert

The 22nd James Bond movie was a hit back in 2008, and who could forget the dramatic closing scenes where Bond leaves villainous Dominic Greene stranded in the middle of an imposing desert with only a can of engine oil for company? Although much of the film takes place in neighbouring Bolivia, these scenes were actually filmed around Paranal Mountain in the Chilean Atacama Desert. Although parts of the desert are just as dramatically wide and parched as the film suggests, you’ll also find salt flats, volcanoes, thermal springs and towns on your visit to the Atacama region.

Spy Kids: Santiago de Chile
Aftershock: Valparaíso
Rapa Nui: Easter Island
The Motorcycle Diaries: Highlights of Chile

Torres del Paine: The Ultimate Playlist!

Top Five Photo Opportunities in Chile!

Chorley Focus –

Joey Alexander –

New Aesthetics

March Against Mainstream Media

 Mindless media

 And in the news

Chan Centre Connects

Big Bands Today and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra
UBC School of Music’s Fred Stride
March 1, 7:15pm, Royal Bank Cinema, Chan Centre

Bevel Up

Quantum Shift – Empowering entrepreneurs. Transforming businesses

Spur Festival

The Canadian Museum of Music

What a Way to Go – Life at the end of empire
Source – Films for Action


Vancouver Jazz Community


Community Children


Creative Vancouver

Community studio

Creative British Columbia

Salish Sea Summer Gathering

Eco-Arts Salons are events that bring together those active in creating environmental art with interested and active in creating a future for our environment and in learning how to use art to advance our social or environmental interests. Eco-Arts Salons serve as a venue for creative exploration and conversation for people interested in connecting professionally and socially. Eco-Arts Salons are a program of the Community Arts Council of Vancouver

How to make City mayors responsible –

Community Radio Vancouver
Roundhouse Radio

The art of possibilities and the hands of creation

“The raven is a symbol of creation for my people. The raven’s wings are depicted as hands.
The stream of abalone that flows from the raven’s beak represents the seeds of creativity.”
Beau Dick, – Kwagiulth