My story

I leave school to earn my living at the age of sixteen. I begin working with the Hoover Company in 1958 where I create preventive maintenance, quality control, manufacturing, and production management systems, design manufacturing processes, build manufacturing facilities, and finish my career in manufacturing as the Hoover Company’s production manager at the age of twenty-nine.

During this time I complete high school and educate myself in the humanities, engineering physics, and business administration at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario.

In 1969 I join Kates, Peat, Marwick, the largest and most diverse management consulting firm in Canada and worked in management training, management systems, and organizational development.

In 1975 I start Western Management Consultants. Within a few years it became the largest independent management consulting firm in Canada recognized internationally for excellence. My work dealt primarily with strategic issues and opportunities, creating and contributing ideas, and helping governments, businesses, educational institutions, cooperatives, and community enterprises get from where they were to where they wanted to be.

In 1987 I start Go Direct Marketing. It becomes one of the leading customer relationship management and direct marketing agencies in Canada specializing in customer information management and one-to-one communications to increase the value of customers.

A few years later I become interested in Jack Weatherford’s books which increased my appreciation and understanding of the contribution of native cultures to creating our world. We begin to explore how we can bring the knowledge and ideas of our indigenous cultures to a larger audience through film and the new world wide web.

In 1996 I start Go Direct Media and begin creating real-time marketplaces to connect buyers and sellers within communities of common interest.

In 2000 J. Walter Thompson buys Go Direct Marketing, Go Direct Media became Quantumideas, and I begin exploring the idea of creating communication centres around common social interests.

In 2007 I begin designing and developing a community media system to give our community of social enterprises the ability to create connections, conversation, and community with one another around opportunities for creative community enterprise which contribute to our common human interests.

In 2017 I begin to introduce the idea, the system, the process, and the opportunity to create a new way of seeing and doing things in our theatre of the new world to improve our ability to create possibilities for the future of our world as a community.