Expo 86 Connections

Creative experiences related to Expo 86

Tourism Marketing and Development

Assistance to the Deputy Minister of tourism in reviewing, clarifying, and establishing the role and objectives of the Ministry, in developing the Ministry’s strategy with respect to the development and marketing of tourism in the province, determining the most appropriate management approach and organization structure for achieving Ministry plans and objectives, developing a marketing plan to guide the Ministry’s marketing activities and initiatives, and a restructuring of the Ministry’s approach to the development of Tourism facilities and services.

B.C. Place

Assistance to the chief Financial Officer and the Management Group in developing corporate objectives, strategies and short and long range management plans, financial plans, and financial forecasts. This included the analysis of economic and market conditions and the development of appropriate financial models to test the impact of alternative strategies and their sensitivity to changes in economic and market conditions. Assistance included identifying critical short and medium term management objectives and priorities, assessing the impact of their ability to meet these objectives, identifying factors that could affect timing and determining the strategies and key actions required to accomplish the results desired.

B.C. Pavilion Project

Assistance to the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner in defining and obtaining agreement on objectives for the B.C. Pavilion, in developing management plans, programs, budgets, and management control systems, and establishing a corporate management and organization structure for the design, development, and construction of exhibits, the staging of events, and the delivery of promotional and public affairs programs to the B.C. provincial government’s presentation at Expo 86.

Tourism Vancouver

Development and implementation of a new tourism marketing organization to market Vancouver as a tourism destination. This involved clarifying the goals and objectives of the provincial and municipal governments, the regional Tourism Association, and the organizations and special interest groups involved in the travel industry, and the business and cultural communities, achieving consensus on common goals and objectives, developing an appropriate structure and approaches to funding, obtaining the agreement and commitment of the various parties involved to a course of action, and assisting in its implementation.

Vancouver Visitor Information Centre

Project management of the startup of a new Vancouver Visitor Information Centre including overseeing leasehold improvements, equipping the Centre, developing a promotion program, establishing funding and revenue generating programs, and determining the management, organization, and staffing required. The centre introduced a unique approach in North America by offering the visitor one-stop shopping for a full range of services and operating on a self-sufficient fee-for-service basis.

B.C. Place Stadium

A study to assess the economic impact of the B.C. Place development including the new Stadium. The study involved an analysis of the net fiscal impact on the City as well as the economic benefits to the residents and business community within the City and to the taxpayers of the province of British Columbia.

from Partial Summary of Experience